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  1. Special highlights from the archive:

Waste Life – “I Believe in Father Christmas” – 2007 Christmas party 

♥ Bob Wood at the 25th birthday party – “The Friday Night Song”

♥ Ian Palmer reads from his cake at the 25th birthday party 

♥ David Francey and Craig Werth at the 25th birthday party 

Last night at the Foley – closing speech 

Last night at the Foley – last song 

 Soiree – “The Chip Shop Song” – 2008 

Boo Hewerdine rocks the Ram Club

2. Selected videos (there are many more on our YouTube channel)

Gigspanner – “She Moved Through The Fair”. 2017

Anthony John Clarke & Dave Pegg – “The Broken Years”. 2017

Gilmore & Roberts – “She Doesn’t Like Silence”. 2017

Suntrap – “Here, There, And Everywhere”. 2017

Chris and Kellie While – “Persuasion”. 2015

Skyhook – “Farewell To Fiunary”. 2014

The Outside Track – “Final set of tunes”. 2013

The Young ‘Uns – “John Ball”. 2013

Steve Tilston – “Pretty Penny”. 2012

3. And a few selected floor spots

Sue Graves & Sara Byers – “Walk The Line”. 2017

Bob Wood – “Tommy’s Lot”. 2017

Peter Whitehead & Mary Wilson – “Stealing Kisses”. 2017

Steve Poole – “Silver and Gold”. 2017

Ian Palmer – “Summer Town”. 2015

Machan – “Angel From Montgomery”. 2017

Bob Walton – “Don’t Think Twice”/”Mama You Been on My Mind”. 2017 

4. And here’s a video you can watch here: Liz Simcock with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

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