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First up, here’s a video from Dave Ellis and Boo Howard, singing the title track of their 2018 album “Great Pleasure” and featuring the Ram Club. We are honoured! Dave and Boo’s Great Pleasure video

  1. Special highlights from the archive:

Waste Life – “I Believe in Father Christmas” – 2007 Christmas party 

♥ Bob Wood at the 25th birthday party – “The Friday Night Song”

♥ Ian Palmer reads from his cake at the 25th birthday party 

♥ David Francey and Craig Werth at the 25th birthday party 

Last night at the Foley – closing speech 

Last night at the Foley – last song 

 Soiree – “The Chip Shop Song” – 2008 

Boo Hewerdine rocks the Ram Club

2. Selected videos (there are many more on our YouTube channel)

Gigspanner – “She Moved Through The Fair”. 2017

Anthony John Clarke & Dave Pegg – “The Broken Years”. 2017

Gilmore & Roberts – “She Doesn’t Like Silence”. 2017

Suntrap – “Here, There, And Everywhere”. 2017

Chris and Kellie While – “Persuasion”. 2015

Skyhook – “Farewell To Fiunary”. 2014

The Outside Track – “Final set of tunes”. 2013

The Young ‘Uns – “John Ball”. 2013

Steve Tilston – “Pretty Penny”. 2012

3. And a few selected floor spots

Sue Graves & Sara Byers – “Walk The Line”. 2017

Bob Wood – “Tommy’s Lot”. 2017

Peter Whitehead & Mary Wilson – “Stealing Kisses”. 2017

Steve Poole – “Silver and Gold”. 2017

Ian Palmer – “Summer Town”. 2015

Machan – “Angel From Montgomery”. 2017

Bob Walton – “Don’t Think Twice”/”Mama You Been on My Mind”. 2017 

4. And here’s a video you can watch here: Liz Simcock with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

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