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Tuesday 11th May 2021 – The Ram Club is now closed

We are sad and sorry to announce there will be no future Ram Club events.

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 13th March 2020 – Hector Gilchrist & Friends

A special 80th birthday concert from a special Ram regular – and, as it turned out, the Ram Club’s final concert

Hector is an adroit and enthusiastic interpreter of songs old and new and for this concert, which marks his 80th birthday, he’ll be joined on stage by musical buddies from across the years – Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, Moira Craig, Carol Anderson, Bob Wood and, of course, Sue Graves and Steve Poole of Soiree. Hector’s first experience of singing on a stage came at the age of 10, thanks to a headmaster who insisted any child with a voice should be heard. And what a voice it turned out to be. From his frequent floor spots, regulars at our Ram Club concerts will be familiar with Hector’s mellow, seasoned tones, his soft Scottish accent, and lilting, conversational singing style. 

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 6th March 2020 – Pete Morton

Treasured mix of humour, politics, emotion and comment

One of the most insightful and observant songwriters around, Pete can surprise his listeners with a simple phrase, a clever twist or a witty detour. For example, in his epic song, In the Days When Time Was Different, he conjures up images and ideas of which few would have ever dreamt. He also wrote the folk club hit Another Train. With a relaxed voice, uncomplicated guitar accompaniment and breezy patter between songs, Pete’s performances are a treasured mix of humour, politics, emotion and comment – he’s always one to look forward to.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 28th February 2020 – Còig

Huge demand brings this stunning Nova Scotia four-piece back to the UK

The UK just couldn’t get enough of Còig when they toured in spring 2019 – and so the sheer level of demand for this exciting and invigorating four-piece from Nova Scotia means they are back and we have been lucky enough to book them. Multi-instrumentalists Chrissy Crowley, Rachel Davis, Darren McMullen and Jason Roach play a dozen instruments between them to produce fiery Celtic high-energy music that features driving tunes, haunting songs, infectious energy and stunning vocal harmonies.

£12 members/£13 non-members

Friday 21st February 2020 – John McCusker, Mike McGoldrick & John Doyle


When they line up as a trio, these three sparkling musicians rise to another level. They have known each other since they were teenagers and last year got round to releasing a debut studio album, The Wishing Tree, which has been described as “a thrilling trip through traditional, contemporary and original jigs, reels, ballads and more”. Their concerts just fizz with passion and vitality, and this will be a special Ram Club occasion.

£n/a members/£n/a non-members

Friday 14th February 2020 – Newberry & Verch

Supreme exponents of traditional North American craft

April Verch and Joe Newberry are supreme exponents of their traditional North American musical crafts. April, from Canada’s Ottowa Valley, is a fine fiddler, singer and step-dancer who grew up listening to her dad’s country dance band. Joe grew up in Missouri playing the banjo and guitar and is also a fine fiddler himself. Their music is addictive – full of lustful energy gathered through the ages. These two, an ideal blend of youth and experience, inject vigour and artistry into their singing and playing. A real old-time treat.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 7th February 2020 – Sam Kelly & Jamie Francis

Vibrant banjo with polished voice and guitar

He tries to deny it, but there really is little doubt that Jamie Francis is the best banjo player in the world. Or if not THE best, then very close to it. Either way, Jamie’s vibrant playing is the perfect fiery decoration for the polished singing and playing of the superb Sam Kelly. Sam lies at the hub of a collection of young and hugely talented rising stars, with whom he records and performs. But you just have to see this duo – their Christmas party performance on our stage a couple of years ago was one of the most explosive nights in recent Ram history.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 31st January 2020 – Jez Lowe

Magnificent ambassador for north-east England

Non-stop action man Jez Lowe – musician, novelist, producer, collaborator and more – is always welcome on our stage, whether alone or with any of his many performer partners. Most recently he’s been touring with The Pitmen Poets ensemble, before turning his attention to a solo tour. But it’s as a singer-songwriter that we know him best – he is indeed one of the best, and a magnificent ambassador for his north-east England homeland. As the BBC’s Mike Harding recently said of him: “No one else writes or sounds like Jez Lowe.”

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 24th January 2020 – Zak Hobbs

A class act that defies simple categorisation

Zak is a class act who defies simple categorisation – his engaging music spans many genres, moods and styles, including British roots, folk and pop, and American country. It’s a captivating and seductive mix, well worthy of a young artist with such a noble musical pedigree, Zak being the grandson of Richard and Linda Thompson. With a powerful voice and lightning fast fingers on the guitar fretboard, Zak will dazzle us again, just as he did on his memorable Ram Club debut two years ago.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 17th January 2020 – Bill Jones & Jean-Pierre Garde

A voice full of character, clarity and honesty

At last! Rejoice! The brilliant Bill Jones is back performing again after her 15-year family-inspired hiatus. This is fantastic news for all lovers of traditional music presented with contemporary freshness. Bill’s singing voice is full of character, clarity and honesty and her accompaniments on guitar or piano infused with uncluttered beauty. Alongside time-honoured tales of fisherboys, tailors and sailors, Bill has her new beguiling and bewitching album Wonderful Fairytale to draw on – plus the silky skills of Jean-Pierre Garde on violin and viola.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 10th January 2020 – Reg Meuross

His gentle charm comes with a smart and evocative edge

We begin 2020 with a bang – because Reg is a genuinely big performer. His easy-listening style and gentle charm comes with an edge, as he both entertains and provokes in equal measures. He calls himself a “singer, songwriter and storyteller” and conveys his message with a smooth effortlessness underpinned by his great skill as a musician and his broad experience as a performer. Reg’s voice might be soft, melodic and soothing but his lyrics are smart and evocative. With a new album, Raw, to showcase, we are in for a fabulous start to the year.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 13th December 2019 – Jim Causley Christmas Show & Ram Club Party

Time to over-indulge!

What better way to end the year than experiencing the full-on Causley Christmas celebration, featuring sackfuls of wonderfully uplifting music, great dollops of festive fun with songs of over-indulgence – and even a spot of panto! As well as all this, we can enjoy the Ram’s festive finger-food buffet feast in the bar, a wildly extravagant raffle with many exciting prizes, and perhaps a few surprises from the Ram’s regular performers. So make sure you grab a ticket. AN ALL-TICKET EVENT. Last few remaining. Buy tickets at a Friday-night concert or by post. Email for details.

£TBA members/£TBA non-members

Friday 6th December 2019 – Granny’s Attic

Exceptional young trio with an energy and sound of their own

A folk trio who attack the tradition with verve, energy and a style all of their own. Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (melodeon, concertina, vocals), George Sansome (guitar, vocals) and Lewis Wood (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) are exceptional young performers of English traditional and original music. Formed in 2009, they have played widely at clubs and festivals, earning accolades for their lively, yet mature, performances.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 29th November 2019 – Smith & Brewer

High-energy Americana duo set for a triumphant debut

With their almost-matching Alden guitars and their names emblazoned on their guitar straps, this high-energy duo will have our room jumping with up-tempo jazz-boogie-roots-acoustic-folk music, and swooning at their close harmonies and elegant ballads. Two beautiful guitars played with the nimblest of fingers, two superb voices and a batch of gorgeous Americana-style songs, Ben and Jimmy are set for a triumphant Ram debut.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 22nd November 2019 – Ken Nicol

Virtuoso playing, fine singing – and the richest of guitar tones

Ken has the enviable knack of extracting the richest of tones from his guitar, which he plays with virtuosity across a range of styles from folk to blues and beyond. A fine singer, too, he has worked with Al Stewart and been a member of The Albion Band and Steeleye Span. Equally comfortable as a solo performer, Ken can dazzle with his instrumental skills and stir the emotions with his singing and songwriting.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 15th November 2019 – The Local Honeys

Joyous bluegrass from passionate US performers

Lively and joyous bluegrass is on the agenda as Montana Hobbs, from the foothills of the Appalachians, and Linda Jean Stokley, from the rolling hills of the Bluegrass region, take to our stage for the first time. They are passionate about the preservation of old music and the creation of the new and are equally accomplished at tearing through hard driving fiddle tunes, singing the high lonesome sound, and telling a darned good story.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 8th November 2019 – Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

Duo that shifts between the hilarious and poignant

Mick, with his mighty and characterful voice and dry, ironic humour, is the perfect stage partner for sensitive and brilliant guitarist Paul, who makes a jaunty contribution with his witty asides, interjections and perfect harmonies. Audiences can relax, knowing they are in the safest of hands as this duo shifts constantly between the hilarious and the deeply moving, with the profound personal insights Mick reveals in his own compositions.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 1st November 2019 – Andy Irvine

Great Irish singer who captures the soul of his country

A former Planxty star, Andy is one of the great Irish singers, able to capture the soul of his country. A nimble-fingered player and an accomplished songwriter, Andy has a huge and broad repertoire of both traditional and original songs upon which to draw, all presented with an unmistakable Irish polish, and many of them making a powerful plea on behalf of the victims of social injustice. We can expect humour and drama in generous portions.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 25th October 2019 – The Black Feathers

Mesmerising harmony and the sweetest of tunes

Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler scatter their set with mesmerising harmonies, gentle accompaniments and the sweetest of tunes – just have a listen to the beautiful “Strangers We Meet” and the moving and poignant “Holy Water”. Folk, acoustic indie rock and Americana are the genres they straddle, although they have a certain poetic beauty that is very much their own. Radio 2’s Whispering Bob Harris has called them “Absolutely wonderful”.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 18th October 2019 – Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Vibrant story-telling plus an irresistible sense of fun

Hypnotic melodies and bewitching stories are two of the elements that make this duo such a joy. Add in an irresistible sense of fun, top quality musicianship and a powerful rapport with the audience and all the ingredients are present for a truly memorable occasion. Vicki and Jonny inject new vibrancy into already vivid traditional tales – and Vicki’s expert playing of the fascinating Swedish Nyckelharpa is spellbinding.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 11th October 2019 – Salt House

Magnificent and gorgeous – from dramatic, to bright and breezy

The sound of Salt House ranges from atmospheric, dramatic, evocative and moody to bright and breezy – but most of all it is magnificent and gorgeous. The music created by Jenny Sturgeon (guitar and harmonium), Ewan MacPherson (guitar) and Lauren MacColl (fiddle and viola) feels both ancient and modern, conjuring up timeless images of landscapes and nature. This is an exceptional Scottish trio. Not to be missed.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 4th October 2019 – Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow

Dazzling playing with splendid showmanship

Kit and Aaron, the virtuoso guitar and fiddle players from the band Sheelanagig, draw on many influences to create arrangements of traditional music, as well as their own compositions. Their shows are a musical journey through Europe, America and beyond, combining dazzling playing with fine musicality and showmanship. A debut album “The Fox” explores the relationship between fiddle, guitar and voice, and has won critical acclaim.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 27th September 2019 – Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby

Captivating singer and brilliant guitarist

An incredibly busy duo who this year performed in New Jersey at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Strawbs – Brian’s old band. Now back focusing on their own agenda, we get to hear Cathryn’s beautiful singing and Brian’s restrained but brilliant guitar playing – as well as their cosy, intimate banter – between each other and the audience. Their material spans the realms of folk, country and Americana and is always captivating.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 20th September 2019 – Bob Fox

Magical entertainment from the man with the golden voice

Bob is another Ram regular who is always welcome to call in and provide us with magical entertainment. He can captivate an audience with the resonance of just his speaking voice, characterful north-east accent and gentle humour, let alone his singing. Bob has been keeping busy in recent years performing as “Songman” in the hit musical play, War Horse, as well as recording and playing his own concerts.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 13th September 2019 – James Keelaghan & Hugh McMillan

Instantly unforgettable melodies

Music as clear as a mountain stream pours from the stage when this Canadian duo is in full flow. James’s singing voice is mellifluous, with an enticing hint of Burl Ives; his guitar playing floats effortlessly. Multi-instrumentalist Hugh adds delightful decoration, always thoughtful, inventive and unpredictable. And with melodies so strong they become instantly unforgettable, this is a partnership to savour and we’re excited to have them back.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 6th September 2019 – Boo Hewerdine

First class performer and highly respected songwriter

Boo straddles the entire spectrum of musical styles and genres enjoyed at the Ram Club, through folk, pop, blues and country, and is one of our special favourites. Boo is one of the most highly respected songwriters of his era and is a first-class performer, too, appearing alongside such well-known artists as Eddi Reader and Chris Difford. Boo is also extremely funny, with self-deprecating tales of the various ways in which he nearly became famous. In fact, he is unduly modest – for he is the complete package.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 19th July 2019 – John Kirkpatrick

Hearty good cheer, hilarious tales and stirring renditions

We reach a rumbustious and rollicking climax to our summer season with this larger-than-life character, full of hearty good cheer, hilarious tales and stirring renditions from the traditional English songbook. John wields assorted squeezed instruments with gusto – he is a master of them all – and as songwriter, composer, choreographer, and musical director, he has contributed to more than 60 theatre and radio plays. His music can be heard on more than 200 commercial recordings – and, most importantly, at the Ram Club on its last night of the summer season.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 12th July 2019 – The Vera van Heeringen Trio

‘Intimate, under-stated, stripped back and potent’

It is impossible to praise this band too highly: Vera’s songs are stunningly well crafted in a laid-back Americana style, strongly reminiscent of the great Gillian Welch; their vocal harmonies meld gorgeously into a single voice; and their instrument playing is as smooth as silk. When Vera says on her website that her performances are intimate, under-stated, stripped back and potent, she is not exaggerating: she is a brilliant guitarist and singer, as is Dave Luke on guitar, vocals and mandolin, with Andy Seward, sublime on the double bass.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 5th July 2019 – Kenny Speirs

Borders stalwart goes solo after illustrious band career

This sensitive guitarist, singer and arranger is now going solo and singing his own songs after an illustrious career as a band member or in duos. Kenny has long been part of the Borders folk scene since co-founding the John Wright Band. After further collaborations and a period of reflection, Kenny has now been inspired to write and release “Sleepwalking”, his first solo CD of wholly self-penned songs, which form the basis of his live shows – while still leaving room for a few songs from the Border country.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 28th June 2019 – Clive Gregson

Wonderful new songs are pop world’s loss and our gain

The pop world’s loss is our gain as Clive’s solo career has delivered wonderful new songs and performances aplenty. After disbanding the successful pop group, Any Trouble, in 1984, Clive went solo and has since released 13 albums of music that span the worlds of acoustic, folk, roots and “singer-songwriter pop”. He has also collaborated with many global stars, such as Richard Thompson and Nanci Griffith. Clive has spent several years in the US and the club is always keen to snap him up for a gig when he’s in the UK as it’s always a special occasion.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 21st June 2019 – Kieran Halpin

Quantity and quality from a master of the stage

With Kieran you get quantity AND quality. He has written a huge number of songs over more than four decades without any loss of verve or spirit, has released 22 albums and had his compositions covered by the like of Dolores Keane, Niamh Parsons, and Flossie, a visitor to the Ram Club on May 24. Kieran is a master of the stage, entertaining audiences with scene-setting stories and his no-holds-barred, yet moving, delivery.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 14th June 2019 – Thom Ashworth & Ellie Wilson

Superb tenor voice and exquisite fiddle playing

Thom made such an impression when he played as support for the sold-out Heidi Talbot concert last summer that he had to be offered an evening of his own. He plays stripped back versions of English traditional music on acoustic bass and has already made a name for himself with his inventive arrangements of traditional songs. Ellie, a key member of Stick in the Wheel folk group, is a violinist and composer who plays with an “exquisite beauty”, says Mojo magazine. Together, she and Thom create a sound that is innovative, atmospheric and subtle.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 7th June 2019 – James Hickman & Dan Cassidy

All the magic ingredients for a wonderful experience

Dan and James make a rare and unlikely concoction that works like a charm. James is quick, lively and steeped in folk traditions and world music; Dan, brother of the late Eva Cassidy, is from an American swing background and performs with an impassive serenity and dry wit. Add in James’s surging guitar and soaring vocals, and Dan’s virtuoso fiddle playing and all the magic ingredients are in place for a thoroughly wonderful experience.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 31st May 2019 – The Dovetail Trio

Sheer quality of their harmonies will take our breath away

Three sparkling musicians playing traditional music with a vigour and freshness that becomes totally winning and infectious – that’s the beauty of an evening in the company of The Dovetail Trio. Rosie Hood sings with clarity and elegance; Jamie Roberts, familiar to us from his partnership with Katriona Gilmore, provides the driving force with his slick guitar work; and multi-instrumentalist Matt Quinn on melodeon, mandolin and fiddle adds a delicate touch. But above all, it is the sheer quality of their vocal harmonies that will take our breath away.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 24th May 2019 – Flossie Malavialle

A powerful and sensitive singer offering something for everyone

Flossie, the Frenchwoman who decided it would be easier to speak English like a native north-easterner than to convert the whole region to her perfect text book version, is a powerful and sensitive singer and interpreter of the greatest songwriters’ works. She has released 13 albums since moving to England in 2002, singing songs she holds close to her heart and that cover a range of styles and tempos – she truly has something for everyone.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 17th May 2019 – Ninebarrow

A heady mix of traditional folk and innovative originals

These two super singers hardly need instruments to impress – but the beauty of their harmonies is nonetheless enhanced by clever use of harmonium, ukulele and mandolin. Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere have been friends since the age or 12 and that long-standing connection really shows. They have been showered with awards – and rightly so – for their heady mix of traditional folk and innovative, original compositions.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 10th May 2019 – The Frank Burkitt Band

Performances full of energy and joy

Inspired by the music of James Taylor, Van Morrison and Tim O’Brien, Frank’s musical road began in the Scottish Highlands, took him to Edinburgh, then the UK’s folk clubs and on to a new home in New Zealand, where he’s lived for five years. Once settled, he formed a band that includes Cameron Dusty Burnell (mandolin, banjo and guitar), Kara Filbey (vocals and flute) and James Geluk (double bass). Frank calls himself a story-teller, songwriter, singer and guitarist – in that order – and his band’s performances are full of energy and joy.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 3rd May 2019 – Luke Jackson

A charm that appeals to audiences of every age

A young man who packs a surprising punch thanks to the extraordinarily mature wisdom that defines his lyrical creativity. His songs are full of deep insights into relationships and events that should be way beyond his years. An excellent guitarist and singer, he has a charm of his own that appeals to audiences of every age. If you’ve seen Luke before you’ll know how special he is – and he’s developing fast as a writer and performer.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 26th April 2019 – Miranda Sykes

A real treat as Miranda returns to her solo format

Our fabulous summer season opens with a delightful artist who has wowed Ram audiences every time she’s visited. Admired for her singing and silky playing of the double bass in duos or with the renowned Show of Hands, Miranda also accompanies herself on guitar – which means we’re in for a real treat as she returns to her sparkling solo show format, with her rich, velvety voice, commanding stage presence and gorgeous repertoire.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 19th April 2019 – Closed for Easter

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 12th April 2019 – Mairearad Green & Anna Massie

Magnetic presence from a super-talented pair

More incredible musicianship is on the programme as this super-talented pair from the Scottish Highlands make a welcome return to the Ram Club. We can expect tunes both intricate and powerful from Anna on guitar, banjo and fiddle and Mairearad on accordion and bagpipes, plus songs to warm the heart. After a decade as a duo, and with similar upbringings, they work intuitively together, with a magnetic and appealing stage presence.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 5th April 2019 – Tim Edey

Audiences sit open-mouthed in astonishment at his extraordinary powers

Tim’s extraordinary powers make him an outstanding player of any instrument he picks up. Simply admiring his mind-boggling virtuosity on the melodeon and guitar is a special treat – but add in his singing, some tremendous tunes and his bewitching sense of fun, and audiences sit open-mouthed in astonishment. Tim is unique and has played with the greats – including The Chieftains, Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon and plenty more.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 29th March 2019 – The Georgia Shackleton Trio

New and traditional material comes spectacularly to life

Beautifully atmospheric sounds filled the room on this band’s debut a couple of years ago. Georgia Shackleton’s fiddle and vocals set the tone, with Aaren Bennett (guitar) and Nic Zuppardi (mandolin) bringing it all spectacularly to life: it will be great to have them back. Self-penned material sits comfortably alongside cleverly reworked traditional music, tinged with the original flavours of their native East Anglia.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 22nd March 2019 – The Luck

Fun-loving duo with a refreshing and lively pop-country feel

This delightful and fun-loving brother and sister duo bring their refreshing and lively sound, with its pop-country feel, to our stage for the first time. There’s a ringing clarity to their vocals that creates bright and powerful harmonies – and their songs feature some mighty melodies. They developed their craft in the US after winning a Nashville songwriting competition. From London, Max Luck plays guitar and sister Esmay the bass.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 15th March 2019 – Simon Mayor & Hilary James

Gloriously funny, inclusive and diverse

Simon is a mandolin virtuoso – so good, he wrote the book on how to play; Hilary is a smooth-as-silk guitarist and fine player of the magnificent mandobass – recognisably mandolin-shaped, but huge. They tackle genres from folk and blues to pop, jazz and even classical. Their shows are gloriously funny, inclusive and diverse – one minute an evocative Irish ballad, the next a comic children’s song and the next something by Handel.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 8th March 2019 – James Riley

Thoughtful songwriter described as ‘awesome’, ‘exquisite’ and ‘phenomenal’

James makes moving, soulful and atmospheric music. He wrote his first melody aged four and was playing guitar by the age of nine. From his native south-east London, he later busked across Europe to Istanbul and returned with songs that became the source for his EPs, and now an album recorded in Nashville to be released in the spring. A deft guitar player and confident singer, he has been called “awesome”, “exquisite” and “phenomenal”.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st March 2019 – Sunjay

A young man performing with maturity and making a name for himself

Sunjay is a young man making a splash in the music world. He also knows his own mind and performs with a maturity that can make any audience feel at ease. Initially inspired to play guitar on hearing Buddy Holly records being played at home, Sunjay has recorded an album of Holly’s songs and even has the glasses to match. But his repertoire stretches far and wide, embracing folk, jazz, blues and pop. He’s always a welcome visitor to our stage.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 22nd February 2019 – Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

One of the most watchable duos around

Exquisite and deeply moving songwriting twinned with superbly accomplished musicianship – as you would expect with a Lakeman in the line-up – make this duo one of the most watchable around. Kathryn sings with a delicate warmth and clarity that brings to life the subjects of their songs – and she plays sweetly on piano, too; Sean’s guitar playing is exemplary yet unassuming. Together they’re clever, charming and unpretentious.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 15th February 2019 – Steve Tilston & Hugh Bradley

‘Big beast’ brings quality and experience

One of the “big beasts” of the folk circuit, Steve has a superb collection of recordings under his belt, as well as decades of experience on stage working an audience and a songwriting catalogue to be envied. A good friend of the Ram Club, he is a top quality solo performer but often chooses to collaborate with other skilled musicians. This time, he is accompanied by Hugh, who plays double bass and adds blissful harmonies.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 8th February 2019 – Liz Simcock

Classy singer-songwriter with a fluent, willowy warmth

There’s a calming mellowness about Liz’s performing – a silky, fluent, willowy, warmth that comes from both her personality and the delivery of her meticulously crafted songs. Liz played a lovely opening set for John Smith when he appeared at the Ram Club in October, which has whetted our appetites for another relaxed and intimate evening in the company of this gentle, funny and classy singer-songwriter.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st February 2019 – Megson

Witty, clever, stylish – we love these Ram Club favourites

It’s impossible not to love Megson, with their engaging sense of fun, their polished compositions that range from the witty and clever to the deeply moving, and their fine musicianship. Debbie and Stu Hannah have been Ram Club favourites since their first appearance as fresh-faced youngsters in Claygate. Still fresh-faced, they now have a growing family that serves to inspire their songwriting and stylish presentation.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 25th January 2019 – The Outside Track

One of the most thrilling experiences in the folk world

This band has conquered the Ram audience before and will do so again with heaps of incredible virtuosity and energy. The five members – from Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton island, Canada – are united by a love of traditional music, and include rip-roaring fiddle, accordion, harp, guitar, flute, step-dance and vocals in their stage set. The line-up is Teresa Horgan, Mairi Rankin, Ailie Robertson, Fiona Black and Cillian O’Dalaigh. You just have to come and enjoy one of the most thrilling experiences in the folk world.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 18th January 2019 – Edwina Hayes

Smouldering voice, big tunes and hilarious stories

Listening to Edwina chat between songs is entertaining enough in itself – and then when she sings, her lovely voice becomes completely captivating. Her set is always dotted with hilarious stories and she has a knack for choosing songs with the biggest and most melodic tunes to play. An unostentatious guitar style keeps the focus on a smouldering voice that delivers with power, intimacy and sensitivity.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 11th January 2019 – Trials of Cato

Foot-stomping tunes and tight harmonies kick off new season

A Ram Club debut for these three sparkling young musicians, following hard on the heels of the release of their acclaimed first album, “Hide and Hair”. We are in for a massive treat – these performers play with mesmerising dexterity as they subtly shift the focus from one to another. Already making a big impression on the folk circuit, the band’s repertoire includes foot-stomping tunes for guitar, mandolin and bouzouki alongside songs featuring tight harmonies, all with a strong traditional feel. A perfect start to the new year.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 14th December 2018 – Goat Roper Rodeo Band / Christmas Party


This unique trio from north Wales took the club by storm last year and just had to be invited back as the star guests at our Christmas event. They call their style “cosmic country blues” and it’s lively, rocking and perfect for a party, with three voices, two acoustic guitars and an upright bass played by Tom and Jim Davies and Sam Roberts. Tables laden with festive fayre, spectacular raffle prizes, and a carefree and relaxed atmosphere – plus our amazing guests with their laid-back humour – will really set the party alight. Unmissable.

An all-ticket event. It’s sold out and there is already a waiting list for returns. Sorry about that.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 7th December 2018 – Bruce Molsky

Captivating singing and fiddle playing from the mountains

Bruce’s songs are so rooted in America’s old-time mountain music that his stage should be the front porch of a log cabin, which would quickly be surrounded by admiring fans of his captivating fiddle playing and singing. Yet as a boy he was a “street kid” in the Bronx who only escaped New York for the hills of Virginia in the 1970s. Bruce has given us many memorable evenings in the past and we’re ready for another.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 30th November 2018 – Máire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

‘Brilliance and beauty’

Not one genuine virtuoso instrumentalist, but two! As the Irish Music Magazine said, they have a “brilliance and beauty that brings tears to the eyes”. Chris is a master of his instrument and is witty, engaging and informative when educating an audience about the music they are about to play. Meanwhile, Máire takes her harp into uncharted territory, extending its boundaries into jazz, bluegrass and much more.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 23rd November 2018 – Wizz Jones

A ground-breaking guitarist; a living legend, not to be missed

An inspiration to the likes of Eric Clapton and John Renbourn, Wizz has long been a ground-breaking guitarist with a dazzling blues-folk style honed on the 1960s busker trails of Europe and North Africa. He is also a noted songwriter whose composition, “When I Leave Berlin”, was sung by Bruce Springsteen – just one of many tributes and accolades. Wizz is a living legend of the folk circuit and we get to see him up close.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 16th November 2018 – Dallahan

An international experience, from groovy to tender and graceful

A truly international experience as the Scottish, Irish and Hungarian influences in Dallahan fuse into a montage of styles, from jazz, funk, pop and classical – but all rooted in traditional Irish music. We are being treated to an album launch, too, as their new CD “Smallworld” is released. Jani Lang (fiddle, vocals), Jack Badcock (guitar, vocals), Andrew Waite (accordion), Ciarán Ryan (banjo, mandolin, fiddle), and Bev Morris (double bass) sway elegantly between punchy, groovy, tender and graceful.


£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 9th November 2018 – Jenkins’ Ear

A mighty fanfare of voices that conjures up the spray of the sea

You can feel the sea breeze and taste the salty spray in the music of Jenkins’ Ear. When their five strong male voices, including Ram Club stalwart Ian Palmer, burst into the rhythm of a shanty, it is a mighty fanfare that reminds us how vital such work songs have always been. But there’s much more to Jenkins’ Ear than the robust life aboard ship, as they blend in the delicate and the intricate with some fine musicianship, too.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 2nd November 2018 – Dan McKinnon

Sensitive and warm-hearted – and powerful story-telling

We’ll be transported to the wilds of Nova Scotia by the mellow and melodic singing of this honey-voiced performer. Sensitive and warm-hearted, Dan has been compared to Stan Rogers and is an equally powerful story-teller, singing and playing with lilting passion and skill. Steeped in the history of his homeland, Dan combines original compositions with carefully crafted interpretations of traditional material.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 26th October 2018 – John Smith – a ticket-only event. SOLD OUT


We’re delighted to announce that acclaimed Devon guitarist and singer-songwriter John Smith – as part of an extensive Canadian and European tour to launch his forthcoming folk album – will be gracing the Ram Club stage this autumn.

All tickets have now sold – and because of heavy demand, we’re sorry that we’ve had to close the waiting list for returns, too.  


£12 members/£15 non-members

Friday 19th October 2018 – Dave Ellis & Boo Howard launch “Great Pleasure”

This is Dave and Boo’s launch gig for their new album!

A top class duo and regular Ram visitors, Dave and Boo cover the full range of emotions in their songs, from the quirky and funny to the ethereal and deeply moving. We are privileged to be the venue at which their new album is officially launched – and the album, “Great Pleasure”, displays all the class of their previous works. Boo’s voice is full of emotion and her acoustic bass playing smooth and melodic. Dave’s harmonies and beautifully crafted guitar technique create a perfectly balanced sound that works in every corner of their fantastically varied repertoire.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 12th October 2018 – Churchfitters

Original sounds from a thrilling and energetic band

One of the most thrilling, energetic and unpredictable bands around, who had our venue rocking like crazy on their 2015 Ram Club debut. They explore exciting ways of presenting folk music, making their sound fresh and original. The group performs both as a trio (multi-instrumentalists Rosie Short and Chris Short, with bass player Boris Lebret) and a quartet with the addition of French percussionist Margaux Scherer.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 5th October 2018 – Honey and the Bear

Harmonious and gentle melodies from a multi-talented duo

Beautiful and gentle sounds pour from this multi-talented duo who are inspired by British folk and roots music. Lucy Sampson, from Suffolk, plays guitar, banjo, double bass, ukulele and percussion and John Hart, a Yorkshire lad, plays guitar, bass and mandolin. They first met on a songwriting course in 2012 and together they are in perfect harmony whatever style of music they’re playing. Two excellent songwriters.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 28th September 2018 – Assembly Lane

Dynamic arrangements of music from both sides of the Atlantic

A quartet of young Newcastle-based musicians creating dynamic arrangements of traditional and contemporary material from both sides of the Atlantic. Niles Krieger is on fiddle and vocals, Matthew Ord on guitar and vocals, Tom Kimber on mandolin and Bevan Morris on bass. They blend ancient ballads and progressive bluegrass with rich vocal harmonies and instrumental flair. They’ve been called “exceptional”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 21st September 2018 – Kevin Dempsey

Top quality live entertainer with a host of beautiful songs

Don’t be misled by Kevin’s unassuming, laid-back manner. Beneath all that he is a master performer on the guitar, an arranger, a singer and a top quality live entertainer with a host of beautiful songs. His wide experience and versatility make him able to turn his hand, and guitar, to many different styles and genres and, for a long time, he has been one of the most sought-after musicians on the UK folk scene and beyond.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 14th September 2018 – Luke Daniels

Combination of old and new described as ‘poetical’ and ‘intense’

Luke has a terrific musical pedigree as a BBC award winner, a former Riverdance band member and collaborator with the likes of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Cara Dillon and De Dannan. His recent solo shows have featured an original 19th century Polyphon “musical box” machine and his combination of contemporary and ancient roots music has been acclaimed as “intense” and “poetical”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 7th September 2018 – Fara

An absolute blast with four brilliant young friends from Orkney

Four brilliant young women from Orkney built on their life-long friendship to form this scintillating group, made up of three fiery fiddles and a sweet sounding piano – plus perfect vocal harmonies and great tunes, both traditional and self-penned. Their Ram Club debut was an absolute blast and it will be a real treat to have Jennifer Austin, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price back with us to kick off the autumn season.

£12 members/£13 non-members

Friday 20th July 2018 – Tom McConville Band

Stunning collection of skills promises a magnificent crescendo

A group of musicians to be reckoned with – and who will end our summer season with a magnificent crescendo. Tom’s fiery fiddle playing and vocals are enough on their own but when enhanced by the stunning accordion skills of Shona Kipling, the sheer quality of Phil Murray’s acoustic bass, and the exquisite guitar of David Newey the result is explosive. The music will range from moving ballads and sweet harmonies to stirring Irish and Scottish tune sets – all held together by Tom and his band’s love of humour and fun.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 13th July 2018 – Heidi Talbot & John McCusker – a tickets-only concert

SORRY – SOLD OUT. Please email to check availability of any returned tickets

A rare chance to see this high-profile duo in a small setting. Heidi made her mark in the super-group Cherish the Ladies and is described by the Sunday Times as “vocal heaven”. The peerless John McCusker is one of the UK’s most talented and versatile musicians. Expect a sensational night of music, including songs from their mini-album “Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts”. As a bonus, exciting new kid on the block, Thom Ashworth, who plays stripped back versions of English traditional music on acoustic bass, will be supporting.


£13 members/£16 non-members

Friday 6th July 2018 – Kitty Macfarlane

Gorgeous voice and songs that sound fresh, new and traditional

A rising star with a gorgeously clear and youthful singing voice that sits at the heart of the folk tradition. Her songs, too, emerging as they appear to do from the landscapes of her home county of Somerset are simultaneously fresh and new yet carry powerful echoes of the past. Kitty has worked closely with brilliant artists known well to Ram Club regulars – Sam Kelly, Jamie Francis, Ciaran Algar and others – so she will know what to expect on her debut visit to the club. And we can expect a delightfully melodic and enchanting evening.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 29th June 2018 – Clive Gregson – tonight’s show is cancelled

It is with great apologies and regret from both Clive and the Ram Club that tonight’s concert has had to be cancelled. Clive has sustained an injury requiring a visit to A&E and rendering him unable to travel and to play.
Clive and the Ram Club are very sorry for disrupting the plans of those looking forward to seeing him tonight – he is always popular and always brilliant. But sadly, cancellation this week is unavoidable.


£N/A members/£N/A non-members

Friday 22nd June 2018 – Pete Coe

Music that demands attention and rewards everyone who listens

Mojo magazine has described Pete as “one of the most important folk artists in Britain” and he has been referred to on BBC Radio 2 as “a one-man folk industry”. Both are true but neither can do total justice to the range of talents this man has – singer, musician, songwriter and folk dancer – all practised to the very highest of standards. His driving style of folk music demands attention and fully rewards everyone who listens.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 15th June 2018 – Ewan McLennan

Voice full of character and passion – and guitar skills to treasure

Ewan is a beautifully polished and cultured guitarist with a voice full of character. This former BBC folk award winner credits Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan as influential in guiding him along a musical path that respects traditional songs and their role as social commentary. He is a modern-day troubadour and balladeer with a strong sense of fairness and justice, who fills his stories with a passion that is perfectly balanced by the peaceful serenity of his effortlessly skilful guitar playing. It’s a combination to treasure.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 8th June 2018 – Geoff Lakeman

Dad’s turn to entertain us with his engaging voice full of character

Members of the Lakeman family are frequent – and welcome – visitors to our club and we have recently hosted Seth, Sean (with Kathryn Roberts) and Sam (with Cara Dillon). Now it’s the boys’ dad’s turn to entertain us in his jolly style and with his rare duet concertina. Described as “a stalwart of the West Country folk scene”, he sings his own and traditional songs, many from his home region, in an engaging,  characterful voice.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st June 2018 – Ian Bruce

‘He instantly had the audience melting with the gentleness of his personality’

Lose yourself in the majestic and lilting singing and playing of this big man from Glasgow. Renowned as a stirring songwriter, he also covers traditional Scottish pieces and is rightly proud of his work on the Burns repertoire. Ian says on his website that his music has achieved full maturity. When he arrived for a Ram Club show a few years back after motorcycling from Scotland in a freezing blizzard, he looked the hardest man on the planet, yet instantly had the audience melting in the palm of his hand with the gentleness of his personality.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 25th May 2018 – The Carrivick Sisters

From busking to the folk and bluegrass elite

Now garlanded with awards and accolades, the Carrivick sisters began their journey to membership of the folk and bluegrass elite by busking as a duo in 2006 and then graduating to indoor stages and turning professional when they left school in 2007. They tour widely and have released five studio albums, plus last year’s live album – a celebration of 10 years of success. Charlotte plays guitar, mandolin and banjo and Laura plays guitar, slide guitar and fiddle, with both singing and harmonising in the special way that sisters can.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 18th May 2018 – Alden, Patterson & Dashwood

Americana music with a very English gloss

A very welcome Ram Club debut for these three talented musicians playing their own engaging brand of Americana. Featuring Christina Alden on guitar, Alex Patterson on violin and mandolin, and Noel Dashwood on Dobro slide guitar, their singing and vocal harmonies are captivating and their repertoire includes both traditional and self-penned songs and tunes. Their sound might be taken from the Appalachians but is given a very English and accessible gloss, thanks to the trio’s roots among the landscapes of Norfolk.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 11th May 2018 – Mike Silver

Gentle singing and playing sit in clear contrast to his sharp songwriting

There is a comforting warmth and gentleness to the singing and guitar playing of Mike Silver, but the smoothness of his delivery sits in clear contrast to the sharpness of his songwriting. His songs are beautifully observed and rich in sweet melodies – but often also carry important messages about how life and lives could be so much better. His last visit to the club a couple of years ago was simply enchanting.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 4th May 2018 – Allan Taylor

Incredibly moving moments from a great collector of stories

Allan is an observer, noting the individual stories of the people he encounters on his travels and capturing them in his music. And with 50 years of experience as a traveller, performer and songwriter, Allan has a fantastic catalogue of stories in his repertoire and a singing and guitar style that oozes class. For example, learning the tragic story that inspired his heart-rending song “Roll on the Day” makes hearing it an incredibly moving moment. With 26 albums under his belt, we shall not be short of great tunes with Allan on stage.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 27th April 2018 – O’Hooley & Tidow

One keyboard and two beautiful voices form a very special combination

This simplicity of their set-up – one keyboard, two beautiful voices – lies at the heart of this very special combination. Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow are both highly skilled songwriters, crafting lyrics that can make an audience laugh or cry and that make heart-felt comments on the state of the world. They also have a a magical fun side to their personalities and their music – as the quirky selfie picture they took (right) at their last Ram Club appearance indicates. Belinda’s sensitive keyboard accompaniment, the pair’s perfect harmonies, plus the moving nature of their songwriting, have won them awards and accolades from big names in the folk world and from national newspaper reviewers.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 20th April 2018 – Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

A major force on the acoustic music circuit

Ciaran was still at school when this dynamic duo made a first appearance at the Ram Club and he was already staking a claim to being the most thrilling young fiddle player around. In the five years since then, Ciaran and Greg have simply become better and better and have matured and grown to become a major force on the acoustic music circuit. Greg’s voice has a wondrous clarity and power and his guitar playing is sharp and precise; Ciaran’s fiddle playing – and lightning fast wit – are an absolute joy. Together they are unmissable.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 13th April 2018 – Winter Wilson

“Tight harmonies, killer songs and a lot of fun”

Chosen to be special guests of Fairport Convention on their spring 2018 tour, Kip Winter and Dave Wilson will surely relish the intimacy of a Ram Club concert after playing to large audiences. The melodic duo also have a new album – “Far Off On The Horizon” – to showcase. Their songs tell stories of everyday life and are delivered with power and emotion by Kip and Dave. Kip plays accordion, guitar and flute; Dave plays guitar and banjo and together, as they say themselves, it’s all “tight harmonies, killer songs and a lot of fun”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 6th April 2018 – The Hut People

A unique and hilarious duo with a big feel-good factor

An absolutely fascinating spectacle: Gary Hammond’s collection of unusual and quirky percussion instruments is extraordinary. And he plays them all with great aplomb. Alongside him is Sam Pirt playing accordion and daring to step dance from his chair. This is a unique, highly talented and hilarious duo who play folk music from around the world, underpinned by global rhythms – and they heighten the feel-good factor by inviting audience participation. They win fans and friends wherever they travel.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 30th March 2018 – Closed for Easter

£N/A members/£N/A non-members

Friday 23rd March 2018 – Sara Grey & Kieron Means

Original American music as it is meant to be heard

Sara and her son Kieron bring to life the real sound of rural America with the genuinely traditional songs Sara has collected over the decades. Surrounded by music from an early age – her father was a fiddle player – she took up the banjo as a teenager and is now acknowledged to be one of the world’s finest exponents of the frailing style. Add in Kieron’s bluesy guitar and the intuitive and natural vocal harmonies and timing that come from such a close family tie and these regular visitors to the club deliver a delightfully lively package.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 16th March 2018 – Cara Dillon & Sam Lakeman – SOLD OUT


“Delightful and enchanting”; “ethereal”

“Beautiful”, “haunting”, “lyrical”, “delicate”: these are just some of the words used to describe Cara’s first visit to the club in 2016, an occasion that proved so satisfying to both artist and audience that organising a second visit became a priority. Cara’s spellbinding Irish voice, set to the instrumental accompaniment of husband Sam, has brought success on all fronts and the duo regularly fill big theatres. So it’s a more than welcome return to our small stage for a star guest who was also described as “delightful and enchanting” and “ethereal”.

With support from special guest JIM MALCOLM. Jim has one of the finest Scottish singing voices, full of expressive warmth, along with such a close affinity to the music of his native land that he can write new songs that sound completely rooted in tradition. 


£N/A members/£N/A non-members

Friday 9th March 2018 – 4Square

Bright and distinctive sound from a super-talented four-piece

This super-talented four-piece from Manchester has wowed Ram audiences before and will do again with a bright and buoyantly distinctive sound that is intricate and delicate but also powerful and driving. Nicola Lyons plays fiddle, sings and clog dances; Jim Molyneux plays piano and accordion and sings; Michael Giverin plays mandolin and guitar; and Dan Day plays percussion and sings. This is folk music infused with touches of jazz, Latin and a range of styles – from the seductive and harmonious to the seriously toe-tapping.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 2nd March 2018 – Ewan McLennan


After considering the risks to everyone concerned and assessing the ever-changing snow forecast, we have reluctantly decided that the sensible course is to call off this Friday’s concert. But the good news is that we have immediately rescheduled Ewan to visit us instead on Friday June 15.

Voice full of character and passion – and guitar skills to treasure

Ewan is a beautifully polished and cultured guitarist with a voice full of character. This former BBC folk award winner credits Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan as influential in guiding him along a musical path that respects traditional songs and their role as social commentary. He is a modern-day troubadour and balladeer with a strong sense of fairness and justice, who fills his stories with a passion that is perfectly balanced by the peaceful serenity of his effortlessly skilful guitar playing. It’s a combination to treasure.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 23rd February 2018 – Emily Maguire & Christian Dunham

An inspirational singer and deeply moving songs

Classically trained Emily has toured with the likes of Eric Bibb and Don McLean and is often heard on radio, either when her deeply moving music is played or when she is talking about combating the stigma of mental illness. Emily makes no secret of being affected by bipolar disorder – negatively and positively, as even the dark times have provided space and inspiration. After two years out of action, Emily is back stronger than ever with a hauntingly beautiful new album and accompanied by Australian bassist Christian Dunham.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 16th February 2018 – Tannahill Weavers

An evening of pure gold in the band’s anniversary year

It’s a golden year for these globe-trotting masters of traditional Scottish music as the band celebrates its 50th anniversary. And we can expect an evening of pure gold as they call in at Thames Ditton between tours of North America and continental Europe. The band might be 50 years old but its inspiration dates back to social changes wrought by the industrial revolution and Roy Gullane (guitar), Phil Smillie (flute, bodhran and whistles), John Martin (fiddle, cello, viola), and Lorne MacDougall (one of Scotland’s leading young pipers) deliver powerful music and rich harmonies that stir, thrill and evoke images of a colourful past.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 9th February 2018 – Night Fall

A top quality traditional sound

A new and highly accomplished trio of young performers, all graduates of the Newcastle folk music degree but who never met as students. Kate Locksley, who was part of a memorable and storming recent Ram Club concert by The Teacups, provides vocals; Dave Wood, who has played with Tom McConville and Malinky, plays guitar; and Kevin Lees, who has been guided in his craft by the likes of Kathryn Tickell, is a fine exponent of Scottish and Northumbrian traditions on the fiddle. A top quality traditional sound.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 2nd February 2018 – Harpers Ferry

An engaging and thought-provoking folk-rock/pop band

Expect something excitingly different from this bright and thought-provoking folk-rock/pop band that specialises in meticulously crafted songs and arrangements. Based around the core of its three founding members, this Gloucestershire group is currently a five-piece made up of Ben Harvey, Christopher Rayner, Pia Varma, Simon Frankton and Oliver Court. Their sound is an engaging mix of folk, pop, rock, country, Americana and blues and their lyrics are full of ideas about modern life and how to cope with it.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 26th January 2018 – Bully Wee Band

Larger-than-life band members combine to create a big event

It’s always a great event when the four larger-than-life members of the Bully Wee Band park themselves on our small stage and deliver their own brand of tuneful folk-rock. Ian Cutler (fiddle and keyboards), Fergus Feely (mandocello), Colin Reece (guitar) and Jim Yardley (mandolin, whistles) are wildly contrasting characters but the resulting blend of instruments, voices and knock-about humour makes for a glorious and varied evening, featuring tunes and songs both traditional and contemporary.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 19th January 2018 – Cassie & Maggie MacDonald

Sisters with fabulous skill and youthful charm

Hailed as the finest exponents of Celtic music on the western side of the Atlantic, these lively and energetic young sisters from Nova Scotia are making a huge impression with their fabulous technical skill, youthful charm and perfect sibling harmonies. From gorgeous ballads to up-tempo fiddle-based tunes and plenty in between, Cassie and Maggie produce what has been called “an enormous sound” that becomes totally captivating. Their music is simultaneously from the past yet truly modern. Very special.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 12th January 2018 – Harbottle & Jonas

Lovely fresh sound, with sweet harmonies and great stories

David Harbottle and Freya Jonas bring a lovely fresh sound, using sweet harmonies and a range of instruments. This young duo, based in Devon, play music accompanied by great stories. They have received plaudits from folk royalty including Seth Lakeman, and have been endorsed by Seasalt Clothing, who called them “Two Amazing Musicians”. They also had a beer named after their debut album; they’ve appeared on Italian and Irish television; and their music has been streamed more than a million times in 25 countries.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 5th January 2018 – Boo Hewerdine

A night to savour with a top-class songwriter

An old friend of the club who never fails to wow his audience with the beauty of his songwriting. Boo sees himself primarily as a writer – his recent album, “Swimming in Mercury” is packed with brilliant new songs – but proves with every concert that he is a top-class performer, too, with a host of hilarious tales and a faultless singing and playing style. He works regularly with big names in the acoustic music world (Eddi Reader, Chris Difford, Heidi Talbot and more), but we’ll have Boo to ourselves, making it a night to savour.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 15th December 2017 – Sam Kelly & Jamie Francis / Christmas Party

Festive fun guaranteed

Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis are proven winners at the Ram Club, having played in a trio and as The Changing Room – two fabulous performances. Sam is a hugely talented and hard-working young musician with a memorable voice and Jamie one of the best banjo players you will ever see. This dynamic duo will set the party alight with their mix of old and new. Adding to the frivolities will be a table laden with festive fayre – plus a spectacular gallery of unusual raffle prizes. Huge fun guaranteed.

NB: This ticket-only event is now sold out. Sorry about that. 

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 8th December 2017 – Archie Fisher

An evening in the presence of the master

Archie has the spellbinding voice of a singer who has honed his craft over the decades as he caresses his guitar in perfect accompaniment. Between songs, his genial tales of life in Scotland bring laughter, as do his clever and witty lyrics, while his poignant ballads are heart-rending. Many artists have paid tribute to his writing skill by covering his works, such as his stirring anthem “The Final Trawl”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 1st December 2017 – Jim Moray

Traditional songs presented in a way that reflects our age

Jim’s “mission statement” is to sing traditional songs in a way that reflects our age – and he carries it out with huge sensitivity, producing magnificent results. He is also an arch collaborator, working with, and influencing, a host of the folk world’s stars. A highly skilled multi-instrumentalist with a sweet voice, Jim brings folk music bang up to date. Mojo magazine calls his new album “Upcetera” a masterpiece.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 24th November 2017 – Gigspanner

Haunting music of great intelligence and imagination

One week it’s a Fairport Convention link, the next it’s Steeleye Span! Since his departure from the Steeleye folk-rock pioneers at the end of 2013, legendary fiddle player Peter Knight has turned his full attention to his Gigspanner trio, and in the process has established their reputation as one of the most genuinely innovative acts on the folk/roots scene. They take self-penned material along with music rooted in the British Isles and produce richly atmospheric arrangements layered in a wealth of musical influences.  With a rock influence from superb guitarist Roger Flack and rhythms of the world from percussionist Sacha Trochet, they produce haunting music of great intelligence and imagination. This autumn’s tour by the band marks the launch of their new album ‘The Wife of Urban Law’. 

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 17th November 2017 – Anthony John Clarke & Dave Pegg

Hit songs from a high-profile pair

Anthony John, a softly spoken Irishman who has written some cracking songs, including “The Broken Years”, and Dave, who is credited with being Fairport Convention’s longest serving member and who also spent 15 years with Jethro Tull, get together for an evening of fun and plenty of hit songs. This high-profile pair also regularly entertain big crowds at the annual Cropredy festival.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 10th November 2017 – Gilmore & Roberts

Refreshing and exciting approach from a delightful duo

Katriona Gilmore (fiddle, mandolin) and Jamie Roberts (guitar) are a delightful duo who refuse to be boxed into a single genre – they even ended their last visit to the Ram Club with a poignant acoustic version of Alice Cooper’s “Poison”. And it sounded wonderful. They each have a solid folk background, the genre that forms the backdrop for everything they do – but their adventurous approach is truly refreshing and exciting.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 3rd November 2017 – Reg Meuross

Effortlessly perfect: everybody loves laid-back Reg

Everybody loves Reg and his easy, laid-back style. His tunes sound effortlessly perfect and his lyrics are made all the more touching by the honesty and gentleness of his singing. A fine raconteur, too, Reg can make an audience laugh or shed a tear with his heartfelt and thought-provoking song introductions and lyrics. A regular visitor to the Ram Club, Reg is a stalwart of the top quality folk scene. A must-see gig.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 27th October 2017 – Sam Carter


Brilliant guitarist and songwriter who just oozes class

Sam is “the finest English-style finger-picking guitarist of his generation”, according to Bellowhead’s Jon Boden, and we are in for a rare treat as this globe-trotting performer and serial collaborator calls in at Thames Ditton. His effortless guitar playing and gentle, easy-going vocals ooze class and captivate the listener. He is as at home fronting a melodic rock band as he is accompanying himself on acoustic guitar – which is how we will enjoy this versatile artist. What others have said about Sam Carter: “[He] is a brilliant guitarist and songwriter who combines the observational with social comment and personal reflection”; “A singer who can hold the audience spellbound all by himself”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 20th October 2017 – The Mile Roses

Voices and instruments combine in beautiful harmony

A shared interest in British folk and contemporary Nashville sounds brought this trio of renowned musicians together. Edwina Hayes (a much-loved solo performer at the Ram Club in the recent past), Kate Bramley and Simon Haworth combine voices and instruments in beautiful harmony. Edwina and Simon focus on guitar, with Kate playing fiddle. Expect a heady mix, from toe-tapping folk to haunting ballads.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 13th October 2017 – Elliott Morris

Engaging songwriter with a superb new album to showcase

Elliott made a storming and triumphant first appearance at the Ram Club, impressing all with his dazzling guitar and classy songwriting. Two years on, he brings back with him plenty of added maturity – plus his newly released album “Lost and Found”, which has been described as “one heck of a debut that never pauses to draw breath”, among many rapturous reviews. Great voice and thoroughly engaging presence.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 6th October 2017 – Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith

Great storytelling put to an elegant sound

The power of storytelling is top priority for this charming pair of superb singers and players – in both the traditional songs they tackle, as well as their own compositions. It places them sturdily in the true folk culture, as does their mastery of banjo, guitar, and sweet harmonies. For a gorgeous example of just how elegant they sound, listen to them play “The Cottager’s Reply”. A very welcome return to our stage.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 29th September 2017 – Enda Kenny & Dave O’Neill

Songs spiced with humour and warmth

Lyrics spiced with humour flow from Enda’s songwriting pen and are delivered with warmth and fun by these two classy musicians. Irish-born Enda moved to Australia in the 1980s and as one commentator says, he “always holds the crowd in the palm of his hand… a brilliant night’s entertainment”. Multi-instrumentalist Dave O’Neill, who spent 10 years touring with Eric Bogle’s band, simply adds to the joy.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 22nd September 2017 – Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

This pair shifts effortlessly between moods

Mick’s wry observations on modern life and Paul’s incisive asides make for an evening full of hilarity and engaging songs. Mick has a powerful, resonant voice and Paul is a splendid guitarist and singer and together they effortlessly shift between moods – one minute light-hearted and whimsical, the next deeply personal and moving, the next solidly traditional, all inviting interaction with the audience.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 15th September 2017 – John Tams & Barry Coope

A magical blend of voices from this much-garlanded duo

An overdue return for the heavily garlanded John Tams – he has awards galore, has been part of the Albion Band and Home Service, and wrote the music for “War Horse”, among his many achievements. He is also an enchanting performer with an evocative voice that blends magically with the renowned Barry Coope (of Coope, Boyes and Simpson), who also shows off his keyboard skill. Heart strings will be tugged.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 8th September 2017 – Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe

Top solo artists in a creative collaboration

Two of the finest acoustic songwriters and performers join forces to deliver an evening of musical delights. Well established as top solo artists, collaboration extends their lyrical and emotional reach with mutual inspiration and affectionate, funny on-stage banter. Don’t miss two artists with a matching outlook on life and a subtle, creative and thought-provoking way of sharing their views.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 1st September 2017 – The Jim Causley trio

A budding treasure of the traditional folk world

The ripe flavours of England’s West Country will fill the room when a budding treasure of the traditional folk world, Jim Causley, makes a return visit, this time as part of a trio with Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll on fiddles. Jim, who plays accordion and has a wonderfully strong, mature voice and gentle wit, is related to the celebrated poet Charles Causley and has put several of his poems to music. A huge talent.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 28th July 2017 – Seth Lakeman


Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist, with support act Elliott Morris

The Lakeman brothers are regular visitors to our stage: Sam was here with Cara Dillon in 2016 and Sean with Kathryn Roberts this spring. Now we get to see the best known brother, Seth, who last played at the Ram Club in March 2005. Since then he has made a huge name for himself in the acoustic music world. Instead of floor spots as support, for this event we have Elliott Morris, who will be headlining at the club in October, playing a full support slot.

NB: This concert sold out within hours of it being announced in April.

£14 members/£17 non-members

Friday 21st July 2017 – Robin Laing

Superb interpreter of traditional Scottish songs and writer of many new ones

Our summer season draws to a splendid conclusion with an evening of fun and laughter from Robin, a superb interpreter of traditional Scottish songs and writer of many new ones. He is a renowned Scotch whisky expert and has dedicated many of his musical works to the wee dram, as well as writing several books on the subject. Engaging, articulate, and armed with a terrific repertoire, ranging from atmospheric and passionate ballads to carefree compositions with plenty of scope for audience participation, Robin will have us raising a glass to holiday time.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 14th July 2017 – Jack Blackman

This young singer-songwriter is surely going places

Catch Jack while you can. This young singer-songwriter is going places with his deliciously fluid and natural guitar playing and accomplished vocals. His original songs have been described as a “full length masterpiece” and, with a varied repertoire, he can tackle a smooth ballad with grace and follow it by mastering an up-tempo blues number with swirling slide guitar. Only 23 and already working on his third album, Jack’s blues-infused acoustic roots music will be the perfect accompaniment to a warm July evening.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 7th July 2017 – The Black Feathers

Stunning duo; blissfully simple and beautiful singing and playing

Relish an unmissable evening of blissfully simple and beautiful singing and playing from this stunning Gloucester-based duo – Ray Hughes, originally from Dublin, on guitar and vocals, and singer Sian Chandler. They have the most gorgeously well-matched voices and prove that Americana roots music is not necessarily best played by Americans: they are like a two-person Union Station. Their debut EP, “Strangers We Meet”, was listed in The Telegraph as one of 2014’s best folk albums. Their self-penned material is first-rate – and for sheer class, check out their cover version of “New South Wales” on their website.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 30th June 2017 – Pete Morton

A modern day troubadour; a chronicler of our times

Pete is a chronicler of our times with an eye and an insight for what really matters and an ear for a catchy tune. Most famous for writing “Another Train”, and “Shepherds Song”, Pete has a vast catalogue of funny, astute, moving and meaningful songs. Switching from playing punk rock to folk music at the age of 16 gave him a rare perspective and he has since turned himself into a modern day troubadour. He always has an easy rapport with the Ram Club audience, with intelligent and witty chat and a charming stage presence.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 23rd June 2017 – The James Findlay Trio

An incredibly mature voice in harmony with timeless music

James’s vocals are incredibly mature, precise and expressive for a man of his slender years – and a very fine fiddle player he is, too. Jon Dyer on double bass and flute and Alfie Gidley on guitar and mandolin make up the trio and their material is focused on English folk, ideally from the west country, where James grew up. Revelling in each other’s company, their shows have a youthful energy that transmits to the audience, counterbalanced by the peaceful timelessness of many superbly sung old English ballads.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 16th June 2017 – Georgia Shackleton Trio

Lively trio with a bright, sweet and toe-tapping sound

This lively young trio combine vocals, fiddle, guitar and mandolin to play a blend of old time, bluegrass and self penned material. Georgia, a graduate of the renowned Newcastle folk degree course, accompanies herself on the fiddle, and writes “wordy songs about other people”, taking inspiration from places and faces, as well as traditional, regional and early 20th century material. With her are Aaren Bennett on guitar and Nic Zuppardi, another Newcastle graduate, on mandolin. It’s a bright, toe-tapping and interesting mix of sounds, topped off with Georgia’s sweet lead vocals and tight harmonies.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 9th June 2017 – Zak Hobbs

Young and emerging talent with a top musical pedigree

Zak picked up the guitar aged 11 and by 14 had played prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall, thanks to his musical pedigree. Still a young and emerging talent, he is the grandson of Richard and Linda Thompson and is continuing in the family business of making wonderful music. He writes, sings and plays a mean guitar and banjo and says his core influences are English folk from the 60s and 70s, along with American roots music and country music of the 50s, giving his sound a vibrant transatlantic feel.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 2nd June 2017 – Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley, with Emily Sanders

Surprises and laughter

Denny’s evocative singing does not simply call up images of the west of Ireland, it transports you there. Add in Chris’s warmly witty banter and concertina playing and Emily’s vocals and fiddle playing and the package is complete. This is a trio steeped in traditional folk music. Chris grew up in a Yorkshire home visited often by passing musicians, while Denny, born in County Limerick, was exposed to the music of the region from an early age, and Emily has been part of the folk scene for 20 years or more. Expect jigs, reels, airs and songs with a hypnotic vocal quality. Plus plenty of surprises and laughter.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 26th May 2017 – Suntrap

Exquisite harmonies and a joyful approach to playing their music

The exquisite vocal harmonies of Sara Byers, Mary Wilson and Ram Club regular Sue Graves give this local four-piece the power to entrance and enchant any audience. Along with John Sandall on violin and viola, Suntrap boast a wide array of instrumental sounds: Sara plays guitar, accordion, banjo and whistle; Mary plays violin and Sue guitar and ukelele. Their repertoire extends from traditional folk, via self-penned works to their own individual take on modern classics. Together, they have an endearing stage presence and a joyful approach to playing that has always proved a winning combination on our stage – and caught the ear of a Brooklands Radio presenter who featured them playing live on his Cool Connections show.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 19th May 2017 – John Doyle

The finest player of Irish traditional music

Hailed by many as the finest player of Irish traditional music, guitarist, singer and songwriter John Doyle makes a welcome return to the Ram Club. His virtuoso fingerstyle and percussive strumming techniques create a broad range of moods and atmospheres, from toe-tapping jigs to sumptuous, melodic airs. Born into a musical family in Dublin, John formed Celtic supergroup, Solas, and has gone on to work with many top names in the folk world – Joan Baez and Mary Chapin Carpenter among them. He has made many radio and TV appearances, featured on movie soundtracks and is always in demand as a skilled session musician.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 12th May 2017 – Ninebarrow

Traditional sound with voices harmonised to perfection

Their sound is totally traditional folk music – yet much of their repertoire is new and original, inspired by the landscape, folklore and history of the British Isles. Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere harmonise their voices to perfection and play a range of instruments, including keyboard, mandola, harmonium and ukulele. The duo, from Dorset, have been friends since the age of 12 and are steeped in folk music history, enriching and bringing to life their songs with witty storytelling. Having raised their profile significantly during 2016, they were rewarded with a Horizon Award nomination at this year’s BBC Folk Awards.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 5th May 2017 – Dan Walsh

“The real deal”, “an inspiration”, “consistently brilliant”, “breathtaking”

Virtuoso playing, a lovely singing voice and inspired songwriting make Dan one of the hottest acts around. He was nominated for the Best Musician prize at last year’s BBC folk awards and is acknowledged as one of the country’s – perhaps the world’s – finest exponents of the banjo. He has been called “the real deal”, “an inspiration”, “consistently brilliant” and “breathtaking”. Dan’s shows are an eclectic mix of styles, all rooted in British, Irish and American folk and all featuring his dazzling clawhammer banjo technique. Also a superb guitarist, with a lively wit and humour, Dan is full of surprises and really has the lot.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 28th April 2017 – Ocotillo

Delightful fusion of the special sounds of Kirsty McGee and Robert Garson

Ocotillo is the perfect transatlantic fusion of Kirsty McGee’s dusty, soulful vocals and Robert Garson’s bluesy, gravelly tones performing songs they describe as “from the city and the desert”. Leaning towards an American “smoke-filled room” atmosphere, their voices evoke the textures of 1930s jazz, treading a line between Americana and jazz swing balladry with a nod to Cole Porter and Tom Waits. They play such unusual instruments as musical saw, bass flute, mbira, bowed glockenspiel and lap steel. An absolute delight.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 21st April 2017 – The Teacups

“A cappella vocals as exciting as any complex instrumental fusion”

An exhilarating evening of high-energy harmonies is guaranteed as this unaccompanied foursome blast their way through a set made up of traditional and contemporary songs. The Guardian says they are “a reminder that a cappella vocals can be as exciting as any complex instrumental fusion” and they have been wowing festival audiences. Alex Cumming, Kate Locksley, Rosie Calvert and Will Finn will be bringing with them their fun approach to singing, as well as their acclaimed debut album “One For The Pot”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 14th April 2017 – Closed for Easter

£- members/£- non-members

Friday 7th April 2017 – Dallahan

Up-to-date twists to an electrifying traditional Celtic sound

Expect something a little different from this fascinating foursome. The band members are from Ireland, Scotland and Hungary, backgrounds that bring unusual and up-to-date twists to their full-on electrifying traditional Celtic sound – by adding various international ingredients such as Latin dance rhythms, gypsy instrumental solos, and many more surprises. Jani Lang plays fiddle and sings, Jack Badcock plays guitar and sings, Andrew Waite is on accordion, with Ciarán Ryan on banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 31st March 2017 – Daoiri Farrell

A spine-tingling voice – with plenty of Irish magic

What a voice this man has. Daoiri sings with a spine-tingling purity and clarity – with plenty of Irish magic – and he surely lives up to the title of his recently released album “True Born Irishman”. No wonder he became the All Ireland Champion Singer at the Fleadh in County Derry in 2013. On top of that, he is a delicate and rhythmic player of the Irish bouzouki. Daoiri only began performing at the age of 23 but has made a great impact since. He has a masters degree in Music Performance – so we are in for another treat.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 24th March 2017 – Bob Fox

Magnificent ambassador for the music of north-east England

Bob’s big projects in recent years have been playing Songman in the outstandingly successful War Horse production, and his work with The Pitmen Poets collaboration that celebrates the music and culture of north-east England. And that’s just what Bob does in his solo shows – he is a magnificent ambassador for the songs of his native region, with a deep seductive voice and accent whether singing or telling tales. Always a welcome visitor to the club, Bob will give us a night of velvety sounds and wry banter.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 17th March 2017 – Vera van Heeringen Trio

Superbly talented musicians – mesmerising music

Mesmerisingly beautiful and simple melodies with captivating lyrics, alongside foot-tappingly delightful tunes are Vera’s trademark. With a background that took her from her native Holland to the flatlands of Wales a decade ago, she has been heavily influenced by rootsy Americana – so it’s no surprise there is a very individual style to her singing and playing. Dave Luke accompanies on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals, with Andy Seward on double bass. There’s a hint of Gillian Welch about this superbly talented lady.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 10th March 2017 – Craobh Rua

A must-see band described as ‘nothing short of spectacular’

This is a powerful, dynamic yet sensitive Belfast band that delivers some of the finest renditions of traditional Irish music you could ever hear. They play an array of instruments, including banjo, mandolin, fiddle, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, guitar and vocals to forge a rich, warm sound, with enough performers to fill our small stage to overflowing. The repertoire revolves around energetic jigs and reels and moving waltzes and ballads. This is a must-see band that has been described as “nothing short of spectacular”.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 3rd March 2017 – Sunjay

Classic acoustic folk-blues from a ground-breaking young performer

A stimulating evening centred around the story-telling traditions of classic acoustic folk-blues is in store – with plenty of surprises thrown in. The latest album released by Sunjay, a British singer-guitarist of Asian descent, is called “Black and Blues” and on it he features material from the US – the type of songs and legendary tales sung by bar-room singers. Sunjay was a revelation on his first visit to the club a couple of years ago and now, with a little extra maturity and experience, he has come to find his own unique voice.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 24th February 2017 – Joe Topping & Scott Poley

Great guitar playing and Joe’s smooth vocals create a special blend for audiences to savour

Joe Topping is a regular star at the Ram Club, having appeared with a list of great performers – and Scott Poley is no exception. Scott is a producer, songwriter and session musician – and one of the most able guitar sidesmen in the business. Joe is some mean guitar player, too, and so with his warm, silky voice and Scott’s fretboard wizardry, this is an extra special blend to savour.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 17th February 2017 – Fara

Terrific night in store with four life-long friends from Orkney

Three fiery fiddles and a piano, plus stunning vocals and appealing banter – what is not to love about this Scottish female foursome? They grew up together in Orkney: their life-long closeness shapes the togetherness of their playing and singing, with the rugged island background infusing their sound. Jennifer Austin, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price are both writers of original songs and lively tunes, as well as interpreters of traditional Orkney tunes and lilting ballads. Simply terrific.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 10th February 2017 – Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Exquisite talents

Kathryn and Sean form a superbly polished duo of immeasurably exquisite talents. Sean, in typical Lakeman style, is not content simply to play his guitars – he strives to extract every last ounce of passion and drama. Similarly, Kathryn is meticulous in her expressive singing and keyboard accompaniments. Current holders of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for best duo, they have just released an EP featuring their own songs, plus some interesting covers of tracks by songwriters including Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon and Tim O’Brien.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 3rd February 2017 – Chris Cleverley

Gentle, haunting sounds from a rising star

Having built up a formidable word-of-mouth reputation and won regional awards, Chris released his first album, “Apparitions”, late in 2015 and its gentle, haunting sounds won him huge acclaim. Live, his complex fingerstyle guitar playing has a maturity that belies his youth and his easy, relaxed singing voice is the perfect vehicle for the tales of ghosts and lovelorn mariners that feature on his album. He plays a winning mixture of his own songs and traditional pieces that are given a contemporary makeover.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 27th January 2017 – Goat Roper Rodeo Band

These thrilling youngsters will rock the Ram to the rafters

Quirky, dramatic and heading for the top – these thrilling young bluegrass and country blues boys are every inch the real thing. On their first visit to the Ram Club, we will be treated to delicious three-part harmonies, heart-rending ballads and some lively foot-stomping artistry. Tom Davies plays double bass, Jim Davies lead guitar and Sam Roberts rhythm guitar, which they describe as “just two old guitars, an upright bass and a bucket full of aching harmony”. This unique band from north Wales play as if they really mean it and will rock the Ram to the rafters. Unmissable.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 20th January 2017 – Megson

Melodic, poignant and cleverly crafted songs, delivered with style

The Ram Club has witnessed the rise and rise of this talented couple, from their first floor spot in the Foley Arms a decade or so ago to the accomplished and confident singer-songwriters they have become. Now married with a young family, Debbie and Stu Hannah can draw big audiences to large venues – so we are happy and grateful that they still enjoy playing for us. Their songs are melodic, poignant and cleverly crafted and their voices blend perfectly above Stu’s creative guitar style to create a sound with real impact.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 13th January 2017 – Liz Simcock

Captivating entertainment from a warm and engaging singer-songwriter

Liz brings back her lovely warm, willowy and engaging presence to the Ram stage. She is an astute observer of life’s quirks and this is reflected in the range of subjects she tackles in her songs, which range from subtle ballads to up-tempo fun. She was last at the club in late 2015, singing with Clive Gregson, but is a classy solo performer and will provide us with some captivating entertainment.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 6th January 2017 – Hilary James and Simon Mayor

Virtuoso mandolin playing and a lot of laughter

This delightful pair cover all bases with their virtuosity, beautiful singing, a varied repertoire and sparkling wit. They are old friends of the club and went down a storm at our Christmas party a couple of years ago. Simon is one of the world’s finest players of the mandolin and Hilary a rare exponent of the gigantic mandobass, as well as being a sweet singer and guitar player. An evening of great music and laughter.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 16th December 2016 – Hank Wangford Trio / Ram Club Christmas party

Hank’s trio will make this Christmas party a cracker…

NB: This is a ticketed event – and ALL SEATS ARE NOW SOLD. They went on sale at the club, as advertised, on November 25 and sold out in just a few days. 

We’re very sorry if you’ve missed out – but keep an eye on the website in case of any updates.

Multi-faceted, multi-talented and oh-so-entertaining, Hank has been at the helm of British country music for around three decades and remains as fresh and bold as ever. So who better to get all dressed up and star at our Christmas party, along with Andy “Brad Breath” Roberts and Anna “Spanner” Robinson? They were sensational on their last visit nearly two years ago. Mulled wine and finger food will be part of the annual club thank you to concert-goers, along with unusual raffle prizes and fun to make the party a cracker.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 9th December 2016 – Brooks Williams

A potent mix of blues, folk and roots music

Brooks makes everything look and sound so easy. His relaxed voice contains the finest parts of Frank Sinatra’s and Michael Bublé’s and his guitar playing is full of instinctive brilliance – whether he is using standard acoustic, resonator, slide, or three-stringed cigar box models. On top of that, he is a thoroughly charming man with a gift for writing timeless songs. His current forte is a potent mix of blues, folk and roots music that spans the traditions on each side of the Atlantic, from his origins in Statesboro, Georgia, to his present home in the UK.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 2nd December 2016 – Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby

A duo revelling in the spotlight

With a knock-out new album under their belts that’s receiving rave reviews, newlyweds Cathryn and Brian are currently revelling in the spotlight – and rightly so. Brian’s quiet and self-effacing demeanour belies his dynamism and forthright expression on the guitar, while Cathryn’s guitar accompaniment and rootsy vocals, forged in her home state of Virginia, send out a powerful message. As one promoter said of them: “Truly magical guitar work, vocals to lift your heart and soul, with songs that are utterly unforgettable.”

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 25th November 2016 – Quicksilver

An absolute treat: some of the funniest songs ever written

Grant Baynham is one of the funniest songwriters ever to have put pen to paper. His side-splitting rhymes make Quicksilver an outstandingly entertaining duo, featuring his mirthfully lively guitar and resonant vocals, along with the extraordinarily flexible voice of Hilary Spencer, capable of a vast range of tones and moods. Grant is an intuitive accompanist to their mix of riotously funny songs, some of which once graced TV’s “That’s Life” programme, and serious traditional ballads. An absolute treat.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 18th November 2016 – Wizz Jones

A privilege to see an artist of this stature on our small stage

A folk and blues legend who has played with the greats and inspired and guided many more to greatness, Wizz has been performing since the late 1950s and is still at the very top of his game as a sublime guitarist, singer and songwriter. Seeing an artist of his stature and reputation at such close quarters on our small stage is a true privilege. His unassuming style makes for a gracefully relaxed evening.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 11th November 2016 – Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Songs that range from ethereal to the hilarious

These two folk-popsters are great friends of the Ram Club and are always sure of a very warm welcome. They infuse their music with jazzy – even funky – elements and sing songs ranging from the ethereal and dramatic to the quirky, inventive and hilarious – all conjuring up new ways of looking at the world. Dave’s guitar playing and singing are top drawer and he is also one of the wittiest performers around. Boo has a handsome singing voice and adds a mean bass to their fascinatingly diverse repertoire.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 4th November 2016 – The Dovetail Trio

Huge tunes and singing in the tradition of Steeleye Span

These youthful musicians offer magnificent recreations of traditional English songs – and more – with alluring vocal harmonies and tight accompaniment. Rosie Hood’s singing harks back to a young Maddy Prior, and Matt Quinn’s concertina and Jamie Roberts’ guitar, plus their voices, all go to create a sound not unlike a slimmed down Steeleye Span in their prime. Huge, infectious and energetic tunes and tales of maidens and knights, soldiers and ladies, will push this concert’s feel-good factor off the scale.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 28th October 2016 – Bob Wood

Warmth and sparkling wit from the Ram’s own guitar maestro

A man in need of no introduction – the Ram Club’s own guitar maestro and expressive singer of many beautifully touching, atmospheric and moving songs. Bob, along with wife Maggie, is central to the running of the Ram Club, and regularly performs as a guest star at other clubs and venues – so why not have him bring all his engaging warmth and sparkling wit back to the stage that’s nearest to his heart…

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 21st October 2016 – Chris Newman & Máire Ní Chathasaigh

‘Music of fire and brilliance’

Chris and Maire’s spectacular partnership has been described by The Irish Times as creating “music of fire and brilliance”. They play a breathtaking blend of traditional Irish music, hot jazz, bluegrass and baroque, alongside striking new compositions. Chris is a dazzling guitarist, Maire “the doyenne of Irish harpers”, and together they have won worldwide acclaim.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 14th October 2016 – Adrian Nation

A warm and magical evening with another guitar great

We are being horribly spoilt with virtuoso guitarists this month, as Adrian is another master of the instrument, putting his brilliance down to a determination to learn it well enough to play and sing in front of other people. He has accomplished that mission magnificently and his last visit to the Ram was a warm and magical occasion, with a thought-provoking and ravishing selection of songs.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 7th October 2016 – Martin Simpson

Simply one of the world’s greatest acoustic guitarists

NB – This is a ticketed event. Tickets are now on sale and the last few available can be bought from Bob and Maggie Wood by calling 020 8686 9421 or e-mailing

 Look away from the stage when Martin Simpson is performing and it is hard to believe there is only a single person playing the guitar. Every superlative has already been used to describe his virtuosity, and he is much sought after for collaborations and appearances. But we have him all to ourselves and can enjoy up close his skill, his subtle singing voice and his great humour.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 30th September 2016 – David Francey

Sheer poetry from a captivating singer-songwriter

This captivating singer-songwriter can say so much in a two or three-minute song. The poetry of his writing can tackle subjects as tragic as the 9/11 attacks (“Grim Cathedral”) and as light as a pretty girl’s looks (“Ankle Tattoo”) with equal perception and clarity. This Scottish-born Canadian will perform with Mark Westberg as accompanying guitarist, so that every ounce of his energy and concentration goes into delivering the short, tight but poignant messages in his lilting repertoire.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 23rd September 2016 – Jaywalkers

Top quality freshness and fun

Freshness and fun infuse every note played by this delightfully entertaining trio. They skip between folk, bluegrass, and country and western swing songs and tunes, with Mike Giverin’s original compositions taking inspiration from the Lancashire stories of his youth. The powerful lead vocals of Jay Bradberry are the centrepiece of their tight harmonies, with exhilarating musicianship from Lucille Williams’ bass, Mike’s mandolin and guitar and Jay’s fiddle and guitar.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 16th September 2016 – Jenkins’ Ear

Songs of the sea with harmony, humour and raw vocal power

The combined voices of the Jenkins’ Ear crew mix raw power with delicate harmony, humour and lessons from history. They sing shanties, rousing songs of the sea, and forebitters (songs sailors sang in their own time), plus self-penned compositions, some a cappella, some accompanied. Jenkins’ Ear, made up of a hearty mix of Guernseymen and Englishmen, are regularly asked to perform at events in France and the UK and the band includes the Ram Club’s own Ian Palmer on guitar, squeezebox and vocals.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 9th September 2016 – Moore Moss Rutter

Traditional folk with colourful influences from youthful trio

This contemporary folk trio formed in 2009, won the 2011 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, garnered multiple TV and radio appearances and then went on to perfect their skills with other top acts. Now back together, Tom Moore (violin), Archie Churchill-Moss (melodeon) and Jack Rutter (guitar/vocals) take a traditional music core and add multiple rich and melodic influences to create a gorgeous sound.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 2nd September 2016 – Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston

Sumptuous double bass, virtuoso mandolin

When two performers of such finesse come together the result is bound to be thrilling – and in the case of Miranda and Rex, sumptuous. Miranda’s voice captures every emotion and she turns her double bass into a sparkling and powerful lead instrument, demanding attention alongside Rex’s dazzling mandolin playing. They will showcase old favourites and songs from their new album, “The Watchmaker’s Wife”.

£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 29th July 2016 – Mike Silver

Delicate songs to ease us delightfully into the summer holidays

A master craftsman who learnt his trade playing floor spots as a youngster, developing his skills so that decades later he can effortlessly hold an audience in his hand. A headliner in his own right since the late 1960s, Mike has an easy, relaxed delivery and makes his guitar sound the prettiest of instruments. He also boasts a repertoire of touchingly delicate songs to ease us delightfully into the summer holidays.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 22nd July 2016 – Edwina Hayes

Bold tunes and a warm, sweet smoky voice to fill a room

This is a lady with an ear for big, bold tunes and a warm, sweet and smoky voice that can fill a room. Her unfussy guitar playing provides the perfect accompaniment. Her versions of “Feels Like Home” and “Waltzing’s For Dreamers” are blissfully melodic and fit seamlessly alongside her own intimate, romantic and gently melancholic compositions, so tastefully captured on her lovely stripped-down albums. In contrast, her between-song stories are wonderfully rambling, funny and full of imagination and colour.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 15th July 2016 – Rab Noakes

A pivotal figure in the acoustic music world

Rab has been a pivotal figure in the acoustic music world since 1970, having played with Stealers Wheel, Gerry Rafferty, Lindisfarne and more and enjoyed a long and successful solo career – alongside working in radio and as a record producer. A wonderful songwriter and skilled interpreter of fellow composers, his engaging guitar playing and steely voice, full of character, make for an enchanting evening.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 8th July 2016 – Flossie Malavialle

Funny, smart, captivating singer who chooses her songs well

It’s impossible not to love Flossie – she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s a French woman who’s made her home in north-east England, and she plays and sings in a way that captivates her audiences. She sees her role as presenting the work of others: “There are so many lovely songs to sing that I don’t feel the need to write,” she says. And she chooses well: songs by Carole King, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Kirsty McGee, Kate McGarrigle, Janis Ian, Tom Waits, Allan Taylor and Jacques Brel are among those featuring on her albums.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st July 2016 – Chris Wood

Simply gripping and uncompromising


One of the UK’s finest songwriters heads for the Ram stage. His songs are unique – beautiful, heart-felt yet devastating commentaries on contemporary British life. Just listen to the stunning power and intricate detail of “Hollow Point”, about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, from his 2011 album “Handmade Life”. Direct and fearless, with his own uncompromising delivery, this promises to be a gripping evening, full of images, opinions, and gorgeous music.


£11 members/£13 non-members

Friday 24th June 2016 – Clype (Simon Gall and Jonny Hardie)

Exciting duo fusing the music of Scotland and the world

This exciting piano, fiddle and vocal duo burst on to the scene in 2014, calling themselves Clype. The pair pledged to focus on fusing the music of their native north-east Scotland with traditional folk and sounds from around the globe in an original, stripped-down style. The result was a knock-out album, released in 2015. Simon (piano and vocals) is familiar from his role with Salsa Celtica and Jonny, of Old Blind Dogs, plays fiddle and sings, too. Folk Radio UK said of them: “Outstanding…spine-tingling…”

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 17th June 2016 – Keith Donnelly

An evening that will bring out the child in us all

Laughter and joy for all ages is assured from this musical funny-man. An excellent guitarist and energetic, live-wire performer, Keith is a quick-witted comedian who keeps it clean, with a range of songs and patter that appeals to adults and children alike. There will be much audience participation, and lots of silliness and hilarity – Keith will bring out the child in all of us.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 10th June 2016 – Tim Edey

A man completely at home entertaining a crowd with his genius

Tim is an extraordinary musician, seemingly able to play any instrument at virtuoso level almost by instinct. You are watching a brilliant magician, a multi-instrumentalist, a man completely at home entertaining an audience with his genius. He is rated as one of the world’s finest ever Melodeon and guitar players and features a mixed repertoire of melody and song inspired by world music and a strong Celtic theme. But you know he could play pretty much anything – and his mischievous grin tells you he just might.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 3rd June 2016 – O’Hooley and Tidow

‘Boundless songwriting and exquisite harmonies’ – unmissable

Yorkshire duo Heidi Tidow and pianist Belinda O’Hooley are accomplished and moving songwriters. They are also “lionhearted trailblazers of contemporary music”, says their website – and their track record of winning awards and praise backs that up completely. Their CD “The Hum” was Mojo magazine’s folk album of the year and the Independent newspaper called their music “defiant, robust, northern, poetical”; “boundless songwriting and exquisite harmonies”, added The Guardian.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 27th May 2016 – Sorry – closed for one week….

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 20th May 2016 – Bruce Molsky

‘An incredible power of history and tradition’ – real star quality

Bruce flies in from Los Angeles to kick off his UK tour on our stage. He has twice been nominated for Grammy awards, and he plays with the best – he appeared on Mark Knopfler’s 2015 CD “Tracker”, and he’s acknowledged by his peers for his excellence on fiddle, banjo and guitar. Linda Ronstadt said of him: “An incredible power of history and tradition in his vocal.” A performer with star quality.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 13th May 2016 – Dan McKinnon

Rich vocals and gentle guitar playing will transport the Ram audience

The lilting sounds of Nova Scotia transmitted through Dan’s rich vocals and gentle guitar playing will transport the Ram audience to maritime Canada for the evening. His deft songwriting skills, passion for storytelling, and his finely crafted interpretations and adaptations of traditional works have won him countless accolades. Steeped in the music of his homeland from a young age, he stands astride the Atlantic, blending the sounds, atmosphere and culture of Scotlands new and old.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 6th May 2016 – Lee Collinson

Lightning-fast fingers and a lovely melodic touch

Lee is one of the world’s finest acoustic guitarists, with lightning-fast fingers and a lovely melodic touch that transforms every song he adds to his repertoire. He is a master of many styles and genres, and brings a down-to-earth wit that underpins his extraordinary talent. Lee, no stranger to the Club, began fronting shanty band The Salts a few years ago and is now returning to the solo stage.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 29th April 2016 – Anna Massie and Mairearad Green

Intuitive playing from a warm and engaging duo

Expect amazing intuitive playing and singing from this Glasgow-based pair of multi-instrumentalists, who have been described as having a telepathic musical connection. Mairearad plays accordion and bagpipes with Anna on guitar, banjo and fiddle and together they shift from slow, moving airs and songs to lively jigs – and much besides. Beautifully together when presenting a tune, and warm and engaging in between.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 22nd April 2016 – The Willows

A thrilling mix of Americana and traditional English music

“Outstanding” said the Daily Telegraph; “Absolutely gorgeous” said the BBC’s Bob Harris. They were both talking about this five-piece band’s new album “Amidst Fiery Skies”. The sound is a thrilling mix of Americana and traditional English, with Jade Rhiannon on vocals and Shruti Box; Cliff Ward, banjo, guitar, fiddle, and vocals; Ben Savage on guitar, Dobro and vocals; Prue Ward, violin and vocals; and Evan Carson on Bodhran and percussion. A superb young band breezing in like a breath of fresh air.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 15th April 2016 – Luke Jackson

A rare and sparkling mixture of youth and experience

How can a man so young conjure up such mature emotions and sentiment in his music? Poignant, touching and heartfelt, Luke’s songs possess a rare mixture of youth and experience and are delivered with a passion to draw in any audience. His debut album “More Than Boys” was highly acclaimed on its release in 2012 and Luke has developed powerfully as a writer and performer since: his stage presence is mesmerising and his second album “Fumes and Faith” is top class. Luke’s a star in the making.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 8th April 2016 – John Kirkpatrick

No-nonsense accordion and hearty good humour

Time for some no-nonsense accordion playing and hearty good humour from a master of the squeezed instrument family. After making a name for himself in the folk world, John played with Steeleye Span and Richard Thompson’s band and became much sought after. He has since expanded his repertoire as a composer, choreographer and musical director – alongside his dynamic solo performances.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st April 2016 – Tom McConville and David Newey

A cascade of melodies from two fine players

Seth Lakeman said of Tom: “One of the greatest violinists I’ve ever heard.” But typically, Tom modestly calls himself the “Newcastle Fiddler”. An old friend of the Ram, Tom’s gentle wit and moving versions of songs from the north-east – and beyond – soothe away the cares of the outside world. With David Newey playing stylish guitar, the jokes and laughter will flow, as will a cascade of melodies from two of the finest exponents of their craft.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 25th March 2016 – CLOSED

We take a week off for Easter….

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 18th March 2016 – 4Square

Powerful young quartet delivering an action-packed and thrilling show

Action-packed and thrilling is the best way to sum up 4Square’s approach to performing. This highly skilled young quartet – Nicola Lyons (fiddle, vocals, clog dancing), Jim Molyneux (piano, accordion, vocals), Michael Giverin (mandolin, guitar) and Dan Day (percussion, vocals) – are as at home with traditional folk tales and driving dance tunes as they are with infusions of jazz, Latin and other styles. Their welcome return to the Ram stage coincides with the release of their fourth studio album, “Fuel”.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 11th March 2016 – Cara Dillon

An evening with one of the finest singers of Irish songs

With a voice as clear as a mountain stream running through her native County Derry, Cara Dillon has become globally acknowledged as one of the finest singers of Irish song. She brings traditional music to a contemporary audience and has won awards, had chart hits and made prestigious guest appearances. Her first step on the road to success was winning the All Ireland Singing Trophy, aged 14, and by 19 she had joined Equation, where she met Sam Lakeman. Cara and Sam married in 2002, continuing their musical collaboration. Listening to Cara is addictive: it’s simultaneously peaceful and stimulating, mining a rich past and making it relevant to today – the more you listen, the lovelier she sounds. THIS IS AN ALL-TICKET EVENT AND IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT.  In the unlikely event of any returned tickets, they will be listed on the website. Very sorry if you missed out.

£12 members/£14 non-members

Friday 4th March 2016 – Pete Coe and Alice Jones

A treat to hear new takes on classic folk and rarities

Folk songs gathered by little-remembered Frank Kidson, an early collector from Leeds, provided the material for Pete and Alice’s recent double CD “The Search For Five Finger Frank” – and they are sure to feature heavily in their Ram performance. New arrangements of classic and rare ballads, broadsides and dance tunes show off their skills on a range of instruments, as well as two voices ideally suited to the traditional content. A thoroughly entertaining evening with a good deal of history and education thrown in.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 26th February 2016 – Allan Taylor

One of the foremost songwriters and performers of his generation

Allan left his home town of Brighton at the age of 21 to become part of London’s vibrant folk scene – and never looked back. He has since travelled the world, growing in experience and stature and is now hailed as one of the foremost songwriters and performers of his generation. His songs have been covered by artists ranging from Don Williams to Fairport Convention and Nana Mouskouri and his own performances are laced with tales from the road – and the expertise he gathered while gaining a Ph.D on songwriting.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 19th February 2016 – Findlay Napier

Musical storytelling bringing to life the characters in his songs

A Scottish singer-songwriter specialising in musical storytelling, employing an eclectic mix of styles, rhythms and moods to bring to life the characters in his songs, all woven together by the clarity of Findlay’s vocals. His 2014 debut album, “Very Interesting Persons”, won a rosy reception: each song is about an individual from history, and features the versatile Boo Hewerdine as co-writer and producer.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 12th February 2016 – Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin

Superbly sensitive and delicate artistry

Just look at the wonderful videos on their website, or their incredible version of “The Boy That Wouldn’t Hoe Corn” on YouTube to see how brilliant this pair is. Each video perfectly captures the sensitivity and delicacy of their playing, with every note speaking volumes. Phillip plays slide guitar and Hannah plays banjo and fiddle – and their voices are full of richness and character. They were justly rewarded for their exquisite and alluring sound when they won Best Duo at the 2014 BBC folk awards.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 5th February 2016 – The Changing Room

A new force in the folk world deliver a night to remember

The hugely talented Sam Kelly and banjo wizard Jamie Francis make a thankfully rapid reappearance at the Ram Club as part of The Changing Room, a folk project driven by Sam and Tanya Brittain (accordion), along with Evan Carson on bodhran. Tanya, from Cornwall, writes hauntingly powerful songs with a nautical feel and with Sam, Jamie and Evan, who were scintillating on their Ram debut in July, will deliver a night to remember. Coincidentally, their first EP was produced by Boo Hewerdine.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 29th January 2016 – Paul Millns

Poignant songs with a late-night, smoky feel

The quality of Paul’s songwriting, piano playing and singing are right up there with the likes of Randy Newman: his songs and their delivery are impeccable, poignant and thought-provoking. “Home For The Weekend” and “When Love Comes Calling”, for example, are beautifully crafted classic ballads which sit happily alongside his swing, jazzy and bluesy numbers. With a smoky, soulful voice and an easy piano style, Paul will bring an atmospheric late-night feel on his welcome return to the Ram stage.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 22nd January 2016 – Jim Moray

An important evangelist for the new folk tradition

Jim Moray is linked with many of the great new folk acts: his name often crops up as collaborator or producer – and as a recording and performing artist of some stature in his own right. His take on traditional songs such as “Early One Morning” and “Silver Dagger”, for example, are gorgeous, breathing new life into them. He is a leading evangelist for a new folk tradition and is a very important artist.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 15th January 2016 – The Hut People

A duo creating a genuinely unique and evocative sound

The incredibly evocative sounds conjured up by this duo’s extraordinary collection of percussive and unusual acoustic instruments will linger long in the musical memory. Gary Hammond’s percussion playing is simply unique and the perfect accompaniment to Sam Pirt’s piano accordion. They mix rhythms from around the world with traditional folk tunes and wowed the Ram audience when last at the club.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 8th January 2016 – Boo Hewerdine

Great performer shows he’s more than a brilliant songwriter

The multi-talented – but charmingly modest – Boo Hewerdine brings his self-deprecating humour, his sweet guitar playing and singing, and his sensational songs to our stage. Although he’s a great performer, Boo says his preferred role is as a songwriter – the one with his name in the brackets after a song title. In fact, that was the name of his last CD – “My Name in The Brackets”. But on this occasion he will be very much outside the brackets and getting the Ram’s 2016 campaign off to a spectacular start.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 18th December 2015 – Richard Digance at the Ram Club Christmas party

Festive laughter guaranteed…

Richard left us in stitches after his barnstorming performance at the club in January – so who better to complete our programme for 2015? Famed for his irreverent and hilarious commentaries on the news on TV, Richard mixes the mirth with beautifully observed and moving ballads and raucous audience participation. On top of this, there is food, drink, a mega-raffle, and festivities to make the party swing.


£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 11th December 2015 – Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe

Two of the finest songwriters on the same stage

Steve and Jez are each laden with awards and nominations for their memorable compositions – “Back in Durham Gaol”, “The Bergen”, and “Slipjigs and Reels”. Regular visitors to the club in their solo guises, these old pals and master craftsmen will swap banter and tales of touring and songwriting as they join forces for their “Writes and Songs Tour”. Great singers and guitarists – and always superbly entertaining – this is a genuine two-for-the-price-of-one opportunity.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 4th December 2015 – Ewan McLennan

“One of the most exciting new voices in years”

After just a year of playing in acoustic music clubs, Ewan won a Radio 2 Folk Award and a couple of years later was invited to be part of the BBC’s “Transatlantic Sessions”. Still in his 20s, Ewan studied classical music at the piano, but is now a guitar-wielding Scottish singer-songwriter, balladeer and storyteller. His guitar playing shines with virtuosity behind his compelling vocals. Mike Harding said of him: “I was utterly bowled over by Ewan’s music. One of the most exciting new voices I’ve heard in years.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 27th November 2015 – Rory McLeod

Musical troubadour poet who makes friends wherever he goes

Rory is always on the move – though even he’s not sure whether he’s running away or going somewhere. Either way, he is a fascinating man – a former clown and fire-eater who ended up playing solo because the band he was in didn’t want to sing songs about his grandma who loved to dance. Rory is an enormously appealing character, embracing many styles, travelling widely, and writing intelligent songs.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 20th November 2015 – Clive Gregson & Liz Simcock

Revisiting the amazing “Gregson-Collister Catalogue”

When Clive collaborated with Christine Collister to make five albums in the late 1980s, Rolling Stone magazine called it “the state of the art in British folk rock”. Now, the former Any Trouble front man has enlisted the hugely talented Liz Simcock to showcase songs from that period. Clive is witty, with a strong distinctive voice, and Liz is quirky and fun, with a velvety voice and willowy presence.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 13th November 2015 – Archie Fisher

One man and a guitar – yet so much more

Archie likes to keep things simple on stage – but up there with him are history, tradition, experience, great skill and dexterity, a voice rich in character, an easy humour, and a priceless repertoire of compositions. The writer of “The Final Trawl” hosted a radio show in his native Scotland for many 25 years which, along with his timeless sound, has earned him legendary status – and an MBE.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 6th November 2015 – Gigspanner

Trio of master musicians take folk rock into new dimensions

Each member of Gigspanner brings a unique quality: Peter Knight on fiddle contributes his Steeleye Span pedigree; Roger Flack has his roots in rock guitar; and Vincent Salzfaas adds the rhythms of Senegal and Cuba on congas and djembe. It’s a powerful and passionate mix, as heard on their new album, “Layers of Ages”, with the three lifting each other to new heights. Just go to their website and listen to “Death and the Lady”, a song that captures traditional and contemporary sounds in a gloriously atmospheric drama.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 30th October 2015 – Sara Grey, Kieron Means & Ben Paley

Americana with a transatlantic twist

Sara is one of the finest exponents of the old-time banjo style, having perfected the frailing technique over a lifetime of playing, from the time she first heard mountain music as a child in North Carolina – so her repertoire naturally centres on the American traditions. Appearing with her is son Kieron Means, her regular musical partner, whose time spent in England adds a transatlantic element, and Ben Paley, an American who has been playing fiddle since the age of six and now lives in Sussex.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 23rd October 2015 – Elliott Morris

A dazzlingly skilful guitarist with a sweet singing voice to match

Come and be dazzled by this young man who must have been born with an acoustic guitar in his hands. His mastery of the fretboard is so complete that he is able to use the entire instrument to create a big band sound all on his own. His incredible technique and his musicality, songwriting and sense of fun have brought him to the attention of the likes of Eddi Reader and Paul Carrack, both of whom he has supported. Having played hundreds of gigs, he sings and plays with confidence and is surely on his way to great things.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 16th October 2015 – Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith

Superbly polished guitar and banjo duo

These two young musicians are perfectly in tune with each other and the folk message they are putting across. They are collectors of traditional songs and sing of the struggle of ordinary people and the simple life and their self-penned tunes fit perfectly into their impressive collection. Their driving combination of guitar (Sid) and banjo (Jimmy) is as tight as a drum and their harmonies as smooth as silk. Their CD has been called “understated and thought-provoking”, and live they are superbly polished and accomplished. A class act.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 9th October 2015 – Kieran Halpin

Peerless Irish songwriter and performer

Kieran is a songwriter of such quality that countless artists have taken to singing his compositions – but who could be better at performing his work than the man himself? Always a first-class entertainer on stage, Kieran has a rich collection of sparkling stories and a back catalogue of 19 albums from which to draw. He has been playing music since leaving school in eastern Ireland and has toured the world with folk classics such as “Nothing To Show For It All” and “Angel of Paradise”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 2nd October 2015 – Gareth Lee and Annie Bayliss

Enchanting duo with beautiful sounds and smiles

Come and be enchanted by this divine duo. They played a floor spot for us in the spring and charmed everyone with their beautiful sound and smiles. They both sing, with Gareth on guitar and Annie on fiddle and accordion, and their songs are full of touching lyrics to sweet melodies. This pair from Cornwall are attracting the attention of the awards committees, broadcasters – and music lovers everywhere.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 25th September 2015 – Cardboard Fox

Brilliant young quartet starring the Carrivick sisters

The extraordinarily talented Carrivick sisters – Laura (fiddle) and Charlotte (guitar) – team up with John Breese on double bass and Joe Tozer on mandolin to share their love of acoustic music, folk and bluegrass. They formed in 2013, melding their various influences and backgrounds and writing original “re-imagined” folk songs. Expect musicianship of the highest order from these brilliant youngsters. Garfield Kennedy, a festival organiser, said of them: “They just absolutely blew me away.”

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 18th September 2015 – Mick Ryan and Paul Downes

Triumphant combination of voice and guitar

Mick’s voice has been described as “underrated” – and while it’s true, that’s not a blunder we will make. He is one of the finest singers around. Put the multi-talented Paul Downes at his side and you have a triumphant combination. Paul says he’s embarrassed when called one of the greatest acoustic guitar players. But either way, he’s right up there and adds gentle wit to Mick’s hilarious stories.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 11th September 2015 – The Young ‘Uns

A riotous, magnificent and uproariously funny trio

Three still-young lads, celebrating their 30th birthdays this year, have an infectious love for the music, traditions and warm humour of their native north-east. The show that David Eagle, Sean Cooney, and Michael Hughes delivered when last at The Ram Club was riotous and uproariously funny. Whether singing a cappella, or accompanied by guitar or accordion, they make a magnificent trio.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 4th September 2015 – The Churchfitters

Wow! What an incredible start to the new term!

How is anyone to sit still when this electrifying four-piece is on stage? Based in Brittany, multi-instrumentalists Rosie Short, Chris Short, bass player Boris Lebret and percussionist Margaux Scherer, play up-tempo and energetic folk, full of stories, drama, harmonies and requiring a wild array of devices: regular instruments are supplemented by a range of home-made and improvised additions. Broadcaster Mike Harding has called them “totally brilliant and beautiful”. This is a chance to see a BIG band up close.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 31st July 2015 – Closed until September 4

Please spend your August Friday evenings watching the many wonderful videos on the Ram Club’s YouTube page. This will help fend off those acoustic withdrawal symptoms until the club is back firing on all cylinders again on September 4. And what an autumn it promises to be….

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 24th July 2015 – Elbow Jane

‘Utterly infectious’ band provide exhilarating season finale

It’s an exhilarating climax to the spring/summer season with a visit from this fabulous fivepiece – Kevin Byrne, Chris Chesters, Colin Burgess, Joe Topping and Richard Woods, who between them play piano, guitars, drums, mandolin, mandola and dulcimer. They also sing in what have been called “stunning harmonies” and are “utterly infectious”. They completely won the club over on their last visit.

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 17th July 2015 – The Sam Kelly Trio

Sam is ‘absolutely brilliant’; ‘has so much soul’; ‘a BGT hottie’

Sam is another of the hottest young acoustic talents, winning accolades from Cara Dillon (“he sings with so much soul, he’s so talented”), Mike Harding (“absolutely brilliant”), Sean Lakeman (“one of the best young male voices”), and others. In 2012, aged 19, he reached the final of “Britain’s Got Talent” (he is called “a BGT hottie” in one TV clip) and even then showed huge stage presence. Now 22, he plays with Jamie Francis on banjo and Evan Carson on bodhran, with a sound reminiscent of the great Roberts/Lakeman duo.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 10th July 2015 – Chris and Kellie While

The perfect blending of mother and daughter voices

This mother and daughter duo, renowned for collaborations with others, are simply beautiful together, voices blending intuitively. Each is an accomplished songwriter and interpreter of others’ work and each has been involved with the Albions and Fairport. Eddi Reader called Chris “The best singer in England” and Kellie was called the “greatest voice from English folk since Sandy Denny”.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 3rd July 2015 – Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar

A welcome return for thrilling young performers

This duo is rightly laden with awards and nominations for their thrilling performances and releases. Ciaran is one the most exciting young fiddle players you will ever see – with a quirky wit to match – and Greg is one of the most appealing singers and guitarists. Their mix of traditional and modern songs, along with their own writing make them one of the most sought-after duos around.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 26th June 2015 – Closed for Old Cranleighan hockey tournament

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 19th June 2015 – Reg Meuross

Clever, imaginative and a master storyteller in song

Reg is not afraid to tackle the most difficult issues in his music – war, dementia, loss – but in such a moving and poignant way that the beauty of his songs transcends the everyday and the tragic. He pays such attention to detail in his closely observed commentaries on life today and in times past, and there is an enchanting gentleness to Reg’s playing and singing – with a humorous side, too.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 12th June 2015 – CrossHarbour

Virtuoso playing from a band out of London’s Irish scene

From London’s vibrant Irish music scene, something special is rising in the form of this exciting fivepiece who mix traditional tunes and songs with self-penned material and original arrangements. They are Órlaith McAuliffe (whistles, flute), Sam Proctor (fiddle), Philippe Barnes (guitar, flute, whistles), Tad Sargent (bódhran, bouzouki-guitar), and Rosie Hodgson (vocals). With virtuoso playing – Órlaith has been all-Ireland champion 19 times – CrossHarbour are making a big impact.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 5th June 2015 – Pete Morton

Compelling wordsmith adds fun to the tradition of the 60s protest singers

Pete is witty and clever and his songs range from the hilarious to the moving. A compelling wordsmith with an inclusive political message, his songs range from the beautiful “Another Train” to the funny and finely observed commentary on modern life “In The Days When Time Was Different”. Pete continues the tradition of the 60s protest singers – with the addition of a huge helping of fun.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 29th May 2015 – Suntrap

Freshness and vitality from this energetic fourpiece

The glorious harmonies created by the combined voices of Sara Byers, Mary Wilson and, for part of the set, the Ram Club’s good friend Sue Graves, give a rare freshness and vitality to Suntrap’s sound. The band’s mainstay, Paul Hoad, is taking a break and so the line-up at the Ram will be Sara, Mary and John Sandall on violin and viola, plus Sue.  With Sara also contributing accordion, guitar, whistles and bohdran, and Mary playing violin, Suntrap give energetic and varied treatments to songs both old and new. As Ivor Cutler said of them: “I felt cleansed.”

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 22nd May 2015 – Sarah McQuaid

Strikingly rich vocals and a haunting, relaxed playing style

Mellow, relaxed and sometimes haunting all describe Sarah’s singinSarahMcQuaid2010g and playing style. Accompanied by her beautiful custom-made guitar – regularly tuned to DADGAD – the richness of her vocals is striking. Sarah’s international upbringing might explain her eclectic musical influences, which include folk, jazz, traditional, contemporary, classical and even medieval – just listen to her song “In Derby Cathedral”. She is touring with her fourth solo album “Walking Into White” just released and winning reviewers’ plaudits.

£8 members/£9 non-members

Friday 15th May 2015 – The Gavin Davenport Band

Agavin davenport2 powerful voice ‘custom-built to sing folk songs’

Gavin has been described as having “the sort of voice that is custom-built to sing folk songs” and a musician “who truly respects the songs and their heritage”. His self-penned songs are simultaneously traditional, original and distinctive and his playing and singing style – a powerful voice and mastery of a range of instruments – has a maturity beyond his years. Gavin’s bandmates are Tom Kitching (fiddle), Nick Cooke (melodeon) and Tim Yates (double bass), who create a precise and delicate but full and rich sound.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 8th May 2015 – Jez Lowe

jezcropredybyvincelittlerEngaging performer and songwriter with a sweet sense of humour

Jez is nominated for two BBC Folk Awards – to be announced on April 22 – singer of the year and best original song. We’ll know the results by the time he visits and we wish him luck. But win or lose, his song “The Pitmen Poets” will sound just as good when Jez brings his easy north-east magnetism to our stage. He’s a polished and moving songwriter, with beguiling stories and an easy, relaxed singing and playing style.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 1st May 2015 – James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

Transatlantic duo return after captivating Ram debut

James and Dan have extraordinary backgrounds that colour their performances – Dan is from Maryland, is brother of the late Eva Cassidy, and has a swing band; James is from Shropshire and played with Uiscedwr; and the pair met in Iceland. James has a sweeping voice and plays guitar and Dan has his own style of fiddle playing. When they made their Ram debut in May 2013, the audience was captivated by James’s English wit and Dan’s dry humour and American drawl – and his mesmerising facial expression while playing.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 24th April 2015 – Phil Beer

A rare ticketed event. Seats now sold out. For returns or possible standing tickets, email

Phil is equally at home as part of a band (he’s in Show of Hands with Steve Knightley and Miranda Sykes) or wowing a crowd on his own, with his guitar and fiddle. He has an imposing stage aura, and Phil charms with anecdotes and songs from the traditional to the contemporary – he has included pieces by Springsteen, Steve Earl, Nic Jones and others in his sets and has been called “a towering presence in the British music scene”.

£11 members/£12 non-members

Friday 17th April 2015 – Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators

Fun-filled jazzy, bluesy swing band

This band hit the self-destruct button and split up in 1981 just as they were about to hit the big time, after a TV series and world tours. Luckily for us they reformed in 2001 and today are as entertaining as ever. Robb Appleton, Nick Barraclough, Chris Cox, Steve Reynolds and Paula Welham all sing and are all multi-instrumentalists, between them playing guitar, mandolin, saxophone, accordian, piano, double bass, and more. They maintain a sharp sense of humour – so expect a fun evening.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 10th April 2015 – Andy Irvine

An institution in Irish music who ‘never tires of the road’

The creative forces of passion and gentleness combine in the music of a man who has been labelled “one of the towering talents on the international folk scene”. With influences ranging from Woodie Guthrie to east European tunes, and bags of experience working with fellow Irish musicians, such as Christie Moore, Paul Brady and the Planxty band, Andy brings to the stage his bouzouki virtuosity, an exceptional repertoire of songs, and a timeless collection of stories from his travels.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 3rd April 2015 – Closed for Good Friday

Then coming up after Easter: A blistering line-up, including Phil Beer, James Hickman and Dan Cassidy, Jez Lowe, David Francey, Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Chris and Kellie While, Elbow Jane – and many more…

£ members/£ non-members

Friday 27th March 2015 – Blue Rose Code

‘Important singer-songwriter’ taking the folk world by storm

Sell-out shows, TV and radio airtime, accolades galore – Blue Rose Code (aka Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Ross Wilson) is taking the folk world by storm. Bob Harris calls him a “very important emerging” artist, he was recently Folk Radio UK’s artist of the month and he is mixing with the likes of Karine Polwart, Kathryn Williams and Danny Thompson. Calling himself a “crossover artist”, his singing and playing are truly special and win converts wherever he is heard. As Emma Freud says: “This is simply beautiful. I am a folk convert.”

£10 members/£12 non-members

Friday 20th March 2015 – Bob Fox

The richest and mellowest of voices returns to our stage after a triumphant spell in War Horse

Bob’s warm voice, wrapped in a rich north-east England accent, is musical even when he’s talking. That he sings, plays a mean guitar, and has such a lavish repertoire of songs – as well as witty repartee – all make for a lyrical evening’s entertainment. After he last visited the Ram Club, Bob joined the cast of the acclaimed “War Horse” and will have just completed 18 months with the touring production when he graces our stage again. For a second opinion, Living Tradition says: “Surely one of the great voices of the whole of the Folk Revival.”

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 13th March 2015 – Faustus

Modern traditional tunes and songs from a trio that builds musical tension – then unleashes it

A trio whose sum is even greater than its illustrious parts play modern traditional music with power and precision, cranking up tension, then unleashing it in a burst of melody and harmonies. Saul Rose (also Waterson Carthy and Whapweazel); Benji Kirkpatrick (Seth Lakeman Band, Bellowhead); and Paul Sartin (Bellowhead, Belshazzar’s Feast) play guitars, bouzouki, violin, oboe, and melodeons to create a stirring sound. What others say: “Everything that’s best in modern traditional music” (Acoustic); “Dynamically fascinating” (Folk and Roots).

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Friday 6th March 2015 – Sunjay

The man of the moment, with talents way beyond his years

Catch this rising star in an intimate setting while you can. Sunjay’s trajectory towards fame is steep, as evidenced by the accolades he is winning, including multiple award nominations. He has hardly put a guitar down since the age of four – so he is, naturally, brilliant. With two albums and a natural performing style that belies his youth, he sings folk and blues with an engaging maturity. Don’t just take our word for it: “The man of the moment” (Living Tradition); “Already creating a stir with talents way beyond his years” (Maverick Magazine).

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Friday 27th February 2015 – Aaron Jones & Claire Mann

Sublime partnership of stunningly gifted and in demand – musicians

A glorious feast of scintillating musicianship is guaranteed as this gifted duo fill the room with stunning melodies, rhythms and singing of traditional and contemporary music. Aaron lives in Scotland and is a renowned multi-instrumentalist (you MUST hear him play bouzouki). He has played on more than 70 albums, with huge demand for his skills. Claire, originally from Newcastle, is an exceptional and award-winning fiddle, Irish flute and tin whistle player who oozes musicality. Together, they are sublime. What others have said: “[Claire is] Scotland’s secret weapon.” And: “[Aaron’s] bouzouki playing is mighty.”

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 20th February 2015 – Jeff Warner

A musical tour of pioneering America with one of the great educators in its folk tradition

He sings, plays, entertains – and educates on the great American folk tradition. Jeff takes audiences on a tour of pioneer America, singing and playing guitar, banjo, concertina and more. His parents, Anne and Frank Warner, were great collectors of folk songs and today Jeff’s great voice and engaging performances continue their work. Don’t just take our word for it – Molly Mockford, of Lewes Folk, says: “He inhabits a song in a way very few singers can. One of the best evenings of the year.”

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 13th February 2015 – Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts

Guitar brilliance and expressive vocals – plus on-stage magic from award-winning couple

The club’s second married couple of 2015 (after Megson in January), proving again how domestic chemistry sparks on-stage magic. Sean has a fantastic musical pedigree, as part of team Lakeman, and Kathryn’s musical parents set her on a path that led to collaborations with fellow Barnsley star, Kate Rusby. Now playing together again after a maternity break and other projects, we can enjoy Sean’s guitar brilliance and Kathryn’s extraordinarily expressive singing – and to hear their new album, released this month. What others say of this award-winning pair: “The Roberts-Lakeman name has become synonymous with quality.”

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Friday 6th February 2015 – Jim Causley & Lukas Drinkwater

Mesmerising singer captures poetry in the music – with brilliant guitar accompaniment

Jim Causley captivates and mesmerises with his poetic singing style, reminiscent of the Waterson-Carthy mode in its prime. Jim has recorded with Show of Hands and John McCusker, toured with Kate Rusby and on his last album, he put tunes to the poems of his relative, Charles Causley. Lukas Drinkwater, a skilful and sought-after session musician, accompanies on guitar. What others say: “The finest male folk singer of his generation.” And: “Cheeky, charming and his singing is as deep and rich as the best gravy.”

£9 members/£10 non-members