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Friday 26th May 2017 – Suntrap

Exquisite harmonies and a joyful approach to playing their music

The exquisite vocal harmonies of Sara Byers, Mary Wilson and Ram Club regular Sue Graves give this local four-piece the power to entrance and enchant any audience. Along with John Sandall on violin and viola, Suntrap boast a wide array of instrumental sounds: Sara plays guitar, accordion, banjo and whistle; Mary plays violin and Sue guitar and ukelele. Their repertoire extends from traditional folk, via self-penned works to their own individual take on modern classics. Together, they have an endearing stage presence and a joyful approach to playing that has always proved a winning combination on our stage – and caught the ear of a Brooklands Radio presenter who featured them playing live on his Cool Connections show.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 2nd June 2017 – Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley, with Emily Sanders

Surprises and laughter

Denny’s evocative singing does not simply call up images of the west of Ireland, it transports you there. Add in Chris’s warmly witty banter and concertina playing and Emily’s vocals and fiddle playing and the package is complete. This is a trio steeped in traditional folk music. Chris grew up in a Yorkshire home visited often by passing musicians, while Denny, born in County Limerick, was exposed to the music of the region from an early age, and Emily has been part of the folk scene for 20 years or more. Expect jigs, reels, airs and songs with a hypnotic vocal quality. Plus plenty of surprises and laughter.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 9th June 2017 – Zak Hobbs

Young and emerging talent with a top musical pedigree

Zak picked up the guitar aged 11 and by 14 had played prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall, thanks to his musical pedigree. Still a young and emerging talent, he is the grandson of Richard and Linda Thompson and is continuing in the family business of making wonderful music. He writes, sings and plays a mean guitar and banjo and says his core influences are English folk from the 60s and 70s, along with American roots music and country music of the 50s, giving his sound a vibrant transatlantic feel.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 16th June 2017 – Georgia Shackleton Trio

Lively trio with a bright, sweet and toe-tapping sound

This lively young trio combine vocals, fiddle, guitar and mandolin to play a blend of old time, bluegrass and self penned material. Georgia, a graduate of the renowned Newcastle folk degree course, accompanies herself on the fiddle, and writes “wordy songs about other people”, taking inspiration from places and faces, as well as traditional, regional and early 20th century material. With her are Aaren Bennett on guitar and Nic Zuppardi, another Newcastle graduate, on mandolin. It’s a bright, toe-tapping and interesting mix of sounds, topped off with Georgia’s sweet lead vocals and tight harmonies.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 23rd June 2017 – The James Findlay Trio

An incredibly mature voice in harmony with timeless music

James’s vocals are incredibly mature, precise and expressive for a man of his slender years – and a very fine fiddle player he is, too. Jon Dyer on double bass and flute and Alfie Gidley on guitar and mandolin make up the trio and their material is focused on English folk, ideally from the west country, where James grew up. Revelling in each other’s company, their shows have a youthful energy that transmits to the audience, counterbalanced by the peaceful timelessness of many superbly sung old English ballads.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 30th June 2017 – Pete Morton

A modern day troubadour; a chronicler of our times

Pete is a chronicler of our times with an eye and an insight for what really matters and an ear for a catchy tune. Most famous for writing “Another Train”, and “Shepherds Song”, Pete has a vast catalogue of funny, astute, moving and meaningful songs. Switching from playing punk rock to folk music at the age of 16 gave him a rare perspective and he has since turned himself into a modern day troubadour. He always has an easy rapport with the Ram Club audience, with intelligent and witty chat and a charming stage presence.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 7th July 2017 – The Black Feathers

Stunning duo; blissfully simple and beautiful singing and playing

Relish an unmissable evening of blissfully simple and beautiful singing and playing from this stunning Gloucester-based duo – Ray Hughes, originally from Dublin, on guitar and vocals, and singer Sian Chandler. They have the most gorgeously well-matched voices and prove that Americana roots music is not necessarily best played by Americans: they are like a two-person Union Station. Their debut EP, “Strangers We Meet”, was listed in The Telegraph as one of 2014’s best folk albums. Their self-penned material is first-rate – and for sheer class, check out their cover version of “New South Wales” on their website.

£10 members/£11 non-members

Friday 14th July 2017 – Jack Blackman

This young singer-songwriter is surely going places

Catch Jack while you can. This young singer-songwriter is going places with his deliciously fluid and natural guitar playing and accomplished vocals. His original songs have been described as a “full length masterpiece” and, with a varied repertoire, he can tackle a smooth ballad with grace and follow it by mastering an up-tempo blues number with swirling slide guitar. Only 23 and already working on his third album, Jack’s blues-infused acoustic roots music will be the perfect accompaniment to a warm July evening.

£9 members/£10 non-members

Friday 21st July 2017 – Robin Laing

Superb interpreter of traditional Scottish songs and writer of many new ones

Our summer season draws to a splendid conclusion with an evening of fun and laughter from Robin, a superb interpreter of traditional Scottish songs and writer of many new ones. He is a renowned Scotch whisky expert and has dedicated many of his musical works to the wee dram, as well as writing several books on the subject. Engaging, articulate, and armed with a terrific repertoire, ranging from atmospheric and passionate ballads to carefree compositions with plenty of scope for audience participation, Robin will have us raising a glass to holiday time.

£9 members/£10 non-members